What is Shortest/Longest you would steep E juice?

I have heard some people saying a couple days is ok and some people recommending 3 months or more! Let me know your thoughts.

Depends flavor profile. My custards i have cured for very long periods of time, some of my fruit vapes just long enough to fully homogenize.

as long as it takes to taste good to you, and not a day longer or less.

and pardon my language, but fuck anyone who tells you different.


Will it eventually go bad? Is 6 months ok?

Depends on how it is stored. I store mine in glass and i top the bottles that i plan to store long term with argon. Also i dont add the nic until a few days before i plan to vape it. But i make pretty large batches. I just sent some 6 month old juice to a fella on here, he loved it. I have a bottle of the same stuff that is a year old and it is still amazing.

I store mine in glass with poly cone tops, not droppers.
I store them with no nicotine and top with argon.
I store them away from light and in a cool place.


What is the benefit of the Argon? Is this a necessity?

It isnt a necessity but it displaces the atmospheric air and it is an inert gas. It is especially useful when there is nicotine in the liquid as oxygen is a big factor in the oxidation of nicotine.

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oh so it is useful jar is not completely filled to the top.

Yep, exactly. Works great for long term nicotine storage.

I agree. Depends on the mix and if it tastes good to you.

Me personally. I mix at a two week rotation. I have enough mixed up to go for 4 weeks. Give or take a week. Some of my mixes are good after a few days. Others need more time.

Granted I struggle steeping/aging my custards for long periods of time because I want to vape it ASAP. I have 3 strawberry custard cap v2 steeping now. They are at week 4 and omg…I am trying to wait for week 5. Lol but that’s as long as I’m gonna wait.

I wouldn’t nessairly recommend doing the argon gas stuff until you get to mixing big batches. I know some of our power mixes have a few 5k mls steeping right now. And of course at that level it makes sense. But then again if you joy in doing it by all means do it…it sounds like another step.

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Do you apply heat during steeping method? I usually boil and then sit in dark closet for 2 weeks or more

Here is where it is tricky, you shouldnt go over 65c for most flavorings and 45C for most fruits. It should only be to long enough to achieve the temp, then shake and store. Too much heat will destroy some of the compounds which will reduce flavor. Heat also breaks down nicotine.


Boil may be too hot. Of course there is debat on heat steeping. Some say yeah it’s good another may not. It’s sorta comical depending on if theorist starts out positive or negative…and how the rest normally follow.

Many will recommend if you heat to speed up the aging/steep process not to go above 110-145.

Many will say just plane time is good.

I tried the heat steeping but kinda moved away from it. No major reason other than 2-4 hours the typical recommend time was too much work. At this point I do place my glass bottles in hot water 110-125 from 20-40 mins. Normally using a little crock pot. This directly corresponds to how long it takes for me to put everything away and clean. The heat does allow for that first shaking of the mix to go easier. I do feel that it’s important to make sure everything is mixed up well.

The only I don’t really apply heat to are juices with spices or Tabacco. Lots of folks say that’s not good. Spices like clove and pepper. I love me some pepper FA. Yum.

I have access to an environmental ageing chamber at work, I was wondering if I could use a certain temperature constantly for a few days to complete the steeping process. I am a newbie and this is my first time DIY. Can anyone advise me on what temperature they have had good success?

good point… I do not add nicotine before I steep (heat). But also, I should have clarified I do not go to 212 degrees, I usually cut at 180 degrees, but maybe even that is too high?

i, personally, used to try to speed the steeping process, through various methods, but found that most methods of speeding up the steeping process compromised the end result flavor in some way…so i have just resorted to good ol time…
it takes planning and waiting.
BUT…i have also found that some juices/flavors/recipes lose some flavor after sitting too long. what is too long? well, that depends on the flavor/juice/recipe.

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Depends on the juice. If it’s a simple fruity mix or menthol, no creams or bakery concentrates, they can be good to go after an overnight steep. As soon as you start to add in creams, custards, cake-type flavorings, you’re looking more to weeks. I think personally, that most juices are good after 2 weeks steep. Some won’t improve further beyond that, and some will even start to lose flavouring. It really depends on the ingredients. You’ll see some say “this requires 6 weeks” - I think that’s makey up numbers a lot of the time. The difference between 4 and 6 weeks say, will be minimum, I’m doubting even the most thorough testers will notice.

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Depending on whether or not it has anything cream/dairy flavoring in it I put all my juices in the UC for an hour or so then fruity juices can be steeped when they cool to room temp, but are better if they have an additional week or so to steep. Anything that has cream/dairy in it get a minimum of 10 days steep but preferably 2 to 3 weeks. Most continue to develop for some time after they are vapeable but it depends on need if they get longer.

Do you find it helpful to shake daily when steeping? Or just throw it in and forget for two weeks? Also on a cereal or fruity flavor do you think it could go bad in 6 months? Or would it last a year?

i dont shake daily…i just mix it really well when i make it using the badger mixer.
i wouldnt say bad, but i have seen a few fruit flavors lose a tad of their “pop” when sitting for over 5 months.

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