What is the Best Flavoring to use?

Hello I am getting Started into DIY Flavors. i Have Tried Mt Baker Vapor and Vista Vapors Which i could never get to taste Wright. So i went To Loranns and Capella and 2 TFA Flavors I also ordered VG&PG from myfreedomsmokes and 1 250 mil of PG from wizard Labs which the LorAnns and Capella came from. Here is my problem i am having no matter how long they steep and shaked they have a perfumey smell and taste. Is There Some other Flavors out that are better then The ones i have I Hope these are ok my Wife will KILL me if i order 80 More different Flavors Any Help would be Great Thanks OzarkVaper

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Flavoring taste is subjective. However, here is a site you can use to try different types of flavors by different manufactures. What I mean by subjective is it is an individual taste situation. You will find some people like flavor from one source and hate another and you might think the flavor they hate is just the one your looking for.


Maybe try to follow a recipe that you think you’d like? Just get those flavors :smile:

WRT the perfumey taste/smell - that usually subsides after a good long steep…

Thanks oldvaporuser I Will check them out i just want to get away from that perfume taste and i have some favors that have steeped since 11/15/2014 and they smell and taste like a cheap perfume even tried the recipe to a t and lowered flavor and added still Bad i will keep looking Thanks

Hello daath I have tried different recipes with certain flavors and still nasty could it be the PG or VG from myfreedom smokes but i just got new bottles a few days ago

From what I hear there isn’t anything wrong with MFS :smile:

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I’ve been using MFS Nic, PG, and VG for awhile and haven’t had a problem with it. If you really think that is the cause, maybe try making a flavorless batch and see if it is still perfumey? Or try one flavor mixes in just PG/VG until you find the culprit. Then stop using that flavor or get it from a different brand. Hope that helps. Hang in there. :smile:


Hello Thanks for The Tip JoJo i will try it and see what happens i just didn’t know if it is the brands of flavor i am using or the base and i use only 0 nicotine in my flavors but ill keep working on it