What is the best mango concentrate?

I ran out of TFA mango and am thinking of switching to a different one any suggestions for a mango ?

IMO purilum Goldeneye and Euro flavors yellow mango are the two best…


thanks for the reply!

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I highly recommend the Euro Flavors yellow mango credit goes to @Pro_Vapes for this discovery. While your there i can also recommend the EF blue razz, red apple, sour apple (any of their apples really) the sour apple is great for making sourpatch kids candy :wink:


Very interesting, I was super dissatisfied with Real Flavors Blue Raspberry and FW just tastes bleh after a while leaving only TFA’s version (which from what I hear isn’t fantastic).

Will have to try their yellow mango as well. Who is a good supplier of them, or should I just order directly?

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Tfa’s blue raspberry is terrible just dont. I think @Amy2 can vouch that Euro flavors version is good. There are of course other decent ones OSDIY has a blue razz slushie also OOOs version blue razz is pretty good but weak (12% needed). Again another good Blue Razz is NicVapes. Noone ever mentions NicVape most are good and 3-5% is usually all you need. As far as EuroFlavors goes dont think there are resellers probably have to order direct. I agree on the RF blue raspberry not one i will be reordering…


Yes TFA Blue Rasp is not good at all. Euro Flavors is probably my go to blue rasp flavor, folllowed by LB’s.

AFA mango I really like FLV’s mango very tangy lightly sweet I’ll have to try EF’s Mango ! I will say FA’s is not the better of the bunch it’s more boozy taste has more of an astringent feel to it way too acidic and not enjoyable similar to FA’s pineapple not a true depiction at all of those fruits and they usually get it right.

yep yep RF’s is too weak but flavor was decent and I have never used any nicvape flavors haha so true I never hear much about them.


Did you use the RF SC blue raz or the VG version? I’ve got both but have not tried the SC. Vg was awful. The RF SC black raspberry is good btw.


Another vote for Purilum Goldeneye here.
One of my Goldeneye recipes…

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Mango. I loved it but then… I could no longer love it. I vaped too much of it.


Lol that’s two for avoid the TFA Blue Rapsberry, I will remove it from my buy list. I figured people were using it incorrectly but I know for sure, you and @Amy2 know what you are talking about. I am glad to hear that you did not have much success with RF Blue Raspberry, either; I keep pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, but the taste just isn’t there. Usually Blue Raspberry is a plain as day flavor, and it just doesn’t pop like it should. Same with RF SC Raspberry, I only get vague sweetness from it with the slightest hint of raspberry.

Good thing this convo is happening here, I am getting flamed in that RF SC thread at the moment, lol. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the vote against TFA Blue Rasp, was super close to ordering it. I am kinda curious so I still might (Its like two dollars, plus then I can say I have at least tried it). Do you know of any resellers for Euro Flavors?

I did just get FA Pineapple in but haven’t used it yet. Is it really that bad??? I am absolutely in LOVE with RF SC Pineapple at the moment, so I don’t know that I will ever get around to using FA’s version.

Also… FLV Mango was probably one of my top 5, maybe 3, WORST flavors ever. It smelled sooooo bad and tasted just as terrible (to me at least). Did I get a bad batch? I had others around me smell it and they got the same thing, almost a stinky smell to it.

I have said this before, but again, I am totally with you on the FA Mango, it tastes super bland and all I get from it is harsh/ alcohol, even after a long steep (3 weeks). @Steve-o_54, sorry to derail your thread, but if there is anything you get from it, avoid FA Mango!!!

Yes, I used the SC version, but as I said above, it just is not their best flavor. Usually, blue ras sticks out like a sore thumb in a mix but even alone, I can hardly detect the flavor itself. I have heard good things about their black raspberry, will have to give it a shot when I need to get one.

Throwing in my vote for PUR Golden Eye, it has been the only good mango that I have kept around and not only able to use, but enjoy.

Oh noooooo, which one in specific did you vape yourself out on?


All these NAYs on FA Mango. Do I have an old FA Mango and they’ve reformulated it or something, because I think it’s pretty darn good. When I bought mine it was simply named Mango. But the database has Costarica Special. Not sure.

FLV is very good. I like it muchly.

Have the Goldeneye and like it a lot too, although not played with it enough.


TFA blue rasp is bitter like but I will say it works well w/ BB extra TFA for at least one recipe I cloned heartland a fruity blend years ago and that is one of the main flavor’s in it.

Mango FLV hahha you have told me this before I remember now. Someone else had this experience as well w/ it. There must be something in it that is used in several brands as I’ve heard ppl talk about it being stinky. Also heard the comparison to cat piss!

FA Pineapple isn’t terrible but it’s less sweet than most brands and you may actually find it is similar to mango almost boozy.

I don’t believe anyone is selling Euro Flavor’s other than themselves !

This thread got me looking at their website and I contacted them to see if they were going to run any special or offer a discount code so I’ll post it here if they ever get back w/ me. I noticed a Tayberry concentrate @fidalgo_vapes on EF website. Wonder if anyone has tried this one ?

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FW… I just vaped too much for too long, I was a mangoholic :cry:

@Amy2 Real Flavors Blue Raz is wonderful btw.


It is too weak for me honestly didn’t get much out of it but thought it was pretty good from what I did get. boy that was a mouth full haha it could be stronger thou like most of the vg line by RF there are some gems in there.

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That’s odd, but I have issues with Raspberry. The RF Blue Raz was the first one I have been able to vape in a couple years. Maybe the weakness is why I can vape it? Anyway (lol) I love it. It’s perfect!


That goes back to the TIS… taste is subjective ! I am glad it works well for you


Hey Amy,
Until I read your post about the TFA blue rasp I was going to buy some but I changed my mind is there a good blue rasp ?

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I only saved you a couple of bucks lol !

I like Euro Flavor’s https://www.euroflavor.com/products/blue-raspberry

Euro Flavor is coming out w/ more VG based flavors as well if that is something you like but you’ll have to contact them as they aren’t listed on the site as of now.

second one would be

LB’s https://www.liquidbarn.com/products/blue-raspberry-eliquid-extract ( this one is a VG Dominant which is 85/15 blend )

Euro Flavor’s has me interested I might try that one the LB was one of the 10 very first flavors that I got last year when I first started DIY and I agree with you it was good
Thanks Amy,