What is the best MOD?

Face it. We all have our favourites. But lets see anyway:

What is, in your opinion, the best mod?


  • Battery life (type of batteries and how many)
  • Operation (menu/settings)
  • Looks
  • Price
  • Personal satisfaction

(Other criterias that should go along? Happy to update)


So I added the criteria “in your opinion”


I’ve recently bought a Wismec RX2 21700. Great battery capacity, feels good in the hand and the software is OK but I’ll probably install arctic fox anyway. I’ve had a gen4 before that with 3x18650 but that was a bit of a waste of money…


I will tell you this secret if you tell me which concentrate is the best :smirk:



  • Battery life (type of batteries and how many)
    It needs to get me through 2 days without charging.
  • Operation (menu/settings)
    If I can vape by pushing a button and inhaling, sign me up
  • Looks
    Really couldn’t care less about this
  • Price
    Around $100 or less is a must (thank god for black fridays!).
  • Personal satisfaction
    The vape has to be consistent and protecting against dry hits, so temperature control (in one way or another) has to be top quality.

With those criteria, the only mods that satisfy me so far are DNA250 and DNA250C. I’ve got an HCigar and a Lost Vape, both have their quirks but I love them both to bits. I figure other brands carrying the same chips will perform pretty much the same.

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Is there attic fox support 21700 or does it matter?


I have no Idea whatsoever of what you just asked about. :rofl:


ArcticFox is custom firmware that allows mods, like Wismec, Ijoy, etc to operate more like the DNA devices.

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From the website


Our firmware supports the following devices:


  • VTC Mini, VTC Dual, VTwo Mini, VTwo, AIO, Basic;
  • Primo, Primo 2.0, Primo Mini, Primo Mini SE;
  • eGrip II / Light;
  • Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, Cuboid 200;


  • Presa TC75W, Presa TC100W;
  • RX75, RX200, RX200S, RX300, RX2/3, RXmini, RX GEN3, RX 20700, RX 21700;
  • Sinuous P80, Predator;


  • iStick TC100W, iStick TC200W, iStick QC 200W, iStick Power 80W, iStick Tria;
  • Pico 75W, Pico Mega, Pico Dual, Pico RDTA, Pico 25, iStick Pico 21700;
  • Aster, Elitar Pipe, iKonn220;


  • Vaporflask: Classic, Lite, Stout;
  • Beyondvape Centurion;
  • La Petite Box;
  • Vapor Shark SwitchBox RX;

Add durability as a criteria. I’ve had mods that I loved everything about them other than a couple of design flaws (physical not software) that prevents them from standing the test of time. I also despise crappy paint\coatings that chip or peel or scratch easy.

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Also you really have to break them up into catagories. Best single, double, tripple. Best 18650, 2?650, internal battery.

For me I would ask - what is the best protected\regulated external “double battery”, “temperature control capable” mod for $100 USD or less?

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As much as we all WISH they would… This is DEFINITELY not the case.

Even with using the same chip (which grants the ability to use all of the functions incorporated into the chip), there are and have been SO many variations on how and which functions of that chip is made use of. (Nuvoton’s NUC220 chip is an outstanding example of what’s described here)

On top of which, you complicate matters with firmware.

So, even IF they designed a great pcb, with well chosen supporting circuitry to support the electrical needs (power supply, regulation, monitoring, etc) they can “flub it all up” with the firmware. Granted, the latter is far easier to fix, as it (theoretically) requires no redesign of the rest. Simply fix the firmware error(s) and update.

But how many times have we seen “firmware upgradeable”, yet never had an update released?

Things to think on. :wink:


Vaptio? :wink:

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Is that what Evolve uses?

Maybe I should’ve been more specific and used the word PCB’s instead of chips. I thought it was clear what I meant. All the rest is just a few buttons, wiring, 510 connector and the enclosure. The heart of the device would still operate in the same way (in my layman’s opinion).

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No. But even with Evolv’s chip, there have been several companies who customize the firmware (in effect changing the way the same hardware [ie: the 250 chipset] is handling things).

Vapor Shark (has for sure) and Lost Vape (I’m fairly certain) have done this in the past. As have a few others I’m forgetting (and maybe more still that I’m unaware of).

Edit (addressing your edit):
There have been custom pcb’s batched on request as well. So don’t think that they’re all identical. :wink:
The majority (of what’s sold) probably are. But some which may not be, which might also be incredible sellers. Which would seemingly “skew the numbers”, but only Evolv or the manufacturer would know those anyways. Lol


Just trying to understand … why would they tinker with something that’s good and make it worse?

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I wouldn’t assume it to be worse necessarily. Just different. (“One man’s trash” and such…)

Besides, unless you are intimately familiar with the board etc (not claiming that I am mind you, as IMO the only way to be that “assertively familiar” with a board and all of its revisions etc, would be to not only work for Evolv, but to be in the technical department!) how do you know that what you’ve got in hand is the “factory standard” model?

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Maybe I could better judge it if I had multiple mod brands using the same board. Otherwise, there’s really no way to tell.
All I can say is, I’ve tried more than a few mods or all sorts and so far only the DNA’s are ticking the boxes for me.


Seems this is the only DNA mod i can get a hold of

Anyone have any experience with this one? (Sorry the info are in Norwegian, but the name of the mod are the same in English?)

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That’s the one I love and am vaping on right now.
Don’t use any double-wrapped batteries in it, it’s a really tight fit, but otherwise, great mod and highly recommended :slight_smile:
There are reviews for it on ELR, see Hardware > Reviews

This is why I love this mod. As you can see from the coil, it’s been well used (gunked up), the cotton has been vaped bone dry … no dry hit at all, no scorching of the cotton. You just use this thing for vaping and not worry about a thing. You get a very consistent vape at all times. The mod has an efficiency of 98% so your batteries last longer than most other 3 battery mods. With the Replay function, even if your battery is at 5%, you’re still getting that same consistent vape.


Anything powered by the DNA chipset. Otherwise, you bought a toy!