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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


My best shake n vape is definitely my muffin man clone


It doesn’t need any added sweetener. Your recipe made it to my favorites list :heartpulse:


Glad you enjoy it, vaping on it right now here :slight_smile:


That looks awesome!


Enjoying your Berry Breeze today. Nice one! Thank you for the share.


Cool, glad you liked it :slight_smile:


I made a 100ml of my Strawberry Frosted Sugar Cookies recipe but within days it is down to maybe the last 15-20ml… Itd be better steeped but i couldnt keep away long enough it was delicious.


link to recipe you tease :stuck_out_tongue:



Looks yummy. Wish I had cream cheese icing. :worried: Sadly I ordered from ecx, my order processed the delayed because they didn’t have it stock. Now I’m on a spending freeze and don’t get to spend anything for Atleast another month. Grrr


Sounds good that, my better half has me on a mission for a good strawberry mix. Every one I’ve mixed to date was lacking in the strawberry, it just seems to get swallowed up. Is the sweet holding up in this? I don’t have cheese icing, would NY cheesecake be a good sub?


The icing adds quite a bit to the sweetness. The strawberry is strong at first then settles into the icing nicely as a slightly back note with nice sugar cookie exhale
To me smells and taste like the big frosted colorful ones at the gas station or grocery store


Sounds more like Meringue would be more suited as a sub maybe?


when using the pyure how long is the steeping


I have no clue if it’s faster since I steep most juices at 1 month. Sorry !


I bet that would be good with some passion fruit as well! Thanks for the idea!


I find that pyure doesn’t affect my steeping. It mixes up really well and doesn’t need any extra time added.


It’s a shake’n’vape recipe thread, created by you! :smiley:


Ha ha I know it’s funny to think I steep most of my juices for a month but sometimes I do SnVs :kissing_heart:


I get ya, I do same really. I like to test everything right away, but then they go bye bye into the steep press, and I sometimes forget about them - and get a nice surprise when I go rooting :smiley:

Sometimes I want an immediate blast of something I haven’t tried yet, or not mixed in a while. I have a few that are definite goers after an overnight