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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


mine would be a recent one that’s a simple blueberries N cream

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this could be a whole category seems a lot of ppl think most e juice need steeping it would be nice to see a side column of straight up shake n vape recipes. Some of my frustration in mixing is the Waiting ughhh i mix So many sometimes just so others can be steeping by the time I get to try them they’ve had at least a week -months time sitting up. If I knew off hand a recipe is good to go from the get go that would be pretty awesome …at least I think so .

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My favorite Shake and vapes are:
Red Vs. Blue (Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry)
Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream (Strawberry, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream)

Of course they both get better over time, but to me, they are awesome from the start!


I really love both White Tic-Tacs and Orange Tic Tacs! The Orange Tic Tacs are so eerily spot on, that I laughed a little every time I took a drag :laughing:

I’ve been really liking shake and vape recipes recently! Been trying to create a few myself!


Don3 are the recipes u spoke of your’s ? i will search for them when I’m off and again and make them !

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Ha I did try one of HIC’s Orange tic tac recipes it was quite tasty. Btw HIC has a pretty big disclaimer regarding his recipes on his forum of choice VU. Guess he is sick of ppl coping and posting his recipes all of the web and not getting the credit. I get it the man has mad skills. That is something is diy’ers are going to face eventually someone will want to trademark or patent a certain recipe as a claim of their work but if no one knows that exist anyone can " happen " to make that recipes without the before knowledge and try and claim it hope it doesn’t get to this.


I can not claim credit for either, although they are adapted under my name and I’m pretty sure I gave credit to where I found them. And not quite sure why there is a 3 by name in the forums, it doesn’t show up on my profile, lol…

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@Don3 Don, it’s because on ELR “names” aren’t unique - There was another one (or two) named Don - the forum needs username to be unique though. In the welcome post here, I wrote that you can change your username in the preferences :smile:

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One of my favorites recipes, also happens to be a shake and vape - Fruity Green tea - posted on this site.


My favorite is an original mix of mine I call Sploosh. It’s on the database. Really I can vape this non-stop for days. However I do want to try it with a different peach flavor.


Wow I’m excited to try these !!!


Most of my mixes contain flavors that have to steep for 2 to 4 weeks. But I did make a shake and vape Black Licorice for my wife that she loved. Tasted more like a Green Fairy recipe to me, but still yummy.


Going to attempt this one today !


Cereal Killer on the front page is an awesome shake ‘n’ vape. Looks like the creator has since added sweetener to the original recipe, but I prefer it without it.


i would recomend white preach from fa.

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I’ve seen this but not made it. Thanks for the recommendation !


White preach or peach from FA ?


Got sploosh steeping in my unisonic ran several times over 3 mins cycle drives me nuts. Guna run it a while more today and hopefully try it tonight or tomorrow !!!
Also have Lar’s g vanilla custardyll and Cepheus going in there ! Woo woo I’m excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol my name is Lars :laughing:


Lol My Bad just noticed that I keep calling you that. Sooo sorry.