What is the best way to test allergic reaction? Orange flavor

I vaped juishy e juice ectoplasm about turned me into ghost (bronchitis) the flavor is that of orange drink you get at dentist as child. But i can vape element fresh sqeeze Orange. recently i got tfa Mandarin Orange and im trying to see if anyone know a good way to test without vaping on it. it just took 9ml for me to get bronchitis or if someone knows the flavours im talking about ?


I’m guessing there’s a language barrier in play here…but wanted to clarify something.

Bronchitis is usually caused by a viral infection. Not flavorings.


Yes, you can be allergic to (or have an adverse reaction to) a component in a given flavoring. No question about that.

Simple advice? If it gives you problems, stop using that flavor (or store bought liquid) the instant you realize it doesn’t agree with your body.

As for finding out what the exact flavor is in a store bought liquid, you’re not likely to find that out.

If it’s something you mixed, then yes, you can find out which flavor(s) it is that is giving you the problem. You’ll need to test each flavor one by one though.


More likely your atomizer and dts need a good cleaning.


I don’t know it was 3 years ago. I had to use an inhaler cause it was hard to breathe, i was coughing alot stuff up and i had to stop vaping for a month. I already know i was allergic to dentist orange numbing agent (vomiting) and I was using fresh coil. Keep bottle so I’d know what Orange to look for it looks like i just used 9ml. Only idea ive had is mixxing heavy with water and drink it to see if i get sick . flavor not ejuice . I don’t want to vape it again cause ive broke the cartilage free from my sturnum in the last month.


I would just toss it, who knows what they put in it ? :ok_hand:


I can’t even imagine the pain associated with with that. :flushed:

Hope you have as speedy a recovery as possible.


I drunk 5oz with 30 drops tastes different i think im going to be ok with TFA and Thank you Sprkslfly ya ripped sturnum hurts worse then cracked ribs (but could be where i keep ripping it over and over renivating my house during the pandemic)