What is the weight of nicotine (100% VG)

Dose anyone know the exact weight of LB nicotine (100% VG) in g?
(right now I’m using 1.2475g)

I have 1.235g in my calculator for my RTS Nic. I emailed them and asked them for the specific gravity after buying it so that is what I would suggest you do if no one else here knows.

Hey thanks Fozzy
I was just looking for it on LB website no luck I will email them

Hey Fozzy
Just did online chat with LB referred me to this link

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Thanks for the link, bookmarked. Most of my nic is 50/50. Not sure when I will ever get around to using the RTS VG Nic I bought. Maybe in a decade or two :smiley:

youre welcome any time! :thumbsup: