What is too much flavoring? I can see this getting pricey

I know PG is a good carrier of flavor but if my VG is 65% is it crazy if all the PG is TFA flavoring? Seems like it would get pricey doing it this way. I like what I made, but wonder if I cut all the flavoring with 50% straight PG would it turn out similar.

For example I made 100ML bottle because I pretested this in a 15ML and was pleased.

65% VG with 10ML of it NIC for a 10% over all.

I added 35% flavoring.

The mix was mostly Strawberry Ripe, and Cheesecake Graham, but I added some Bavarian, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Custard to make the 35%. I always see recipes with all these 1,2,3,4% this and that and the main flavor at maybe at 8%, my Straw ripe came in at 14% because I always feel that flavor is hard to bring to the front.

This was my 1st batch ever. It is good, vaping after 1 hour of heat steep.



How long have you been vaping and what kind of device are you using? Letting it steep a week or more, especially with custards and creams, is going to change your mix considerably.

35% flavor does seem pretty high. Most of the mixes I do are no more than 20%. You might consider switching to a more concentrated flavoring like FA or Inawera for some of your flavor. They are a little more expensive, but worth it if you use a lot less of them.

I’m not sure how true this is, but I have heard that using too much flavoring can cause a kind of white out effect. More is not always better. Have you tried your mix with drastically lower percentages to make sure you really need all that flavor?

The ELR calculator has a price function that will let you see how much your mix costs you to make (sans bottles) if you input all your pricing information in your profile and your flavor stash. It can take a little work, but its worth it to see how much you’re saving (or not) on certain mixes.

Hopefully some of those with more experience can chime in and verify or refute what I’ve told you and add their expertise. :wink: Good luck!

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Hi Testies123;

I think you got away with it, 35% flavoring that is, because the majority of your mix is some kinda cream or vanilla. Perhaps that’s why you liked the mix at 35% flavor. 35% favoring is far from necessary for most people. If those flavors were Flavor Art brand which are approximately 3 times stronger than TFA flavor, your eyebrow hairs would never lay flat again. Even some TFA flavors are extremely concentrated such as their Mexican Liqueur. 2% tops with that one. Most of us using flavors that are less concentrated (TFA, Flavor West, ect) mix using 15% to max 24%. Though some flavors from TFA and Flavor West are weaker concentrates, don’t think they are all like that. Many are very concentrated. The recipes that use extreme low flavor percentages are usually Flavor Art, Hangsen, or Inawera flavors.

Truth be told, you would most likely like your blend with 20% flavor just as much as 35% flavor. You are correct, at 35% flavor it’s gonna get real pricey. I’m also guessing that given time vaping 35% flavor you will fast become overpowered by the flavor. Possibly to the point of hateing it. That would not be a good thing since you will still have those flavors to mix with still…

You will see many recipes with many flavors and percentages but they rarely add up to more than 20% flavoring. Some people love to add the flavors, I’ll say that much for them.

I recommend that you look at recipes of the users here on ELR that have been rated highly by at least 2 people. Look for recipes with 3 or 4 flavors so it’s not too awfully complicated trying to see how the flavor %s add up. Also, know that if you click on the flavors in the recipe a info page will come up with recommended % use and more. A very good thread to look at on ELR is Flavor Pairing. This will help in creating your own recipes when you know what mixes well with other flavors. You might also use the search with Strawberry Ripe for instance and see how others use it. I’m getting long winded here, sorry. I sincerely hope some of this is useful for you. Happy Blending!!!


Whenever I have a mix that’s too strong in flavor I try diluting it in %.
Example: I use 4 gram vg and add 6 grams current mix. This will give you 40% diluted mix only using about 60% of your flavoring… and see how you like it.
If that’s not strong enough try 3 grams vg and 7 grams mix and test and continue that process until you find what you like. Anything less than 100% of your current mix would be a savings.


These are TFA from Wizard. It would not be hard to add more VG, in fact I put this 100ML mix in a 120ML bottle just in case it steeps to something to strong I figured I could continue to max the VG or just add 20ML’s of 65/35VG/PG at the same Nic and dilute evenly.

I am vaping 40 watts on a Kanger Subtank Plus. So flavors are more muted than probably someone dripping. I typically order ejuice with extra flavor shots. I have been vaping a little over 90 days.

If you haven’t been vaping long and you were a heavy smoker, I imagine it’d be possible your sense of taste/smell hasn’t fully returned yet. Also, you might just be more prone to vaper’s fatigue than most. Try rotating out liquids frequently and see if that makes a difference? Some people just taste things differently and you might need things to be stronger to fully enjoy them. I’m sure you’ll hit your sweet spot and figure out what works for you. Even if you’re only saving a little with DIY, at least you’re saving something. Unless that isn’t an issue and you find it too much of a hassle…then grab a big stock of your favorite vendor juice and go to town! :smile:

Congrats on your first mix ,however Yes if you kept your flavor at these % 's it would get pricey quickly. An occasional high % mix happens. The cheesecake and the custard need some time to mellow they will be almost overpowering in a week. The fact you recently have quit smoking like JoJo brought up makes sense as to why your taste receptors haven’t fully came back around and so maybe you’ll appreciate higher % flavors. In the meanwhile make a small batch and set it off to the side and attempt the recipe you created but at 25% try it in 2weeks time. Then between your time away from cigs and allowing it to steep you may be pleasantly surprised. You may in the long run have to decrease your flavor ratios as you go along. I’m a flavor freak myself could easily vape 35% in a few of my recipes But I don’t and limit myself to 20-23%. I am proud of you for not smoking. I think in this first month vape what you like and continue to try and perfect your batches in ratios. You won’t smoke if you like what you vape !

And as far as diluting your batches with VG start with putting it in a 10ml and use only 5 mls batch and your desired dilute and re warm in a warm water bath. Shake and let breathe especially a highly fruity e juice. 2-4 hours.

Good luck and congrats on your first 90 days off stinkies !


I smoked a pack a day for 20 years. I have had vapors tongue before at about 4 weeks in, but it passed. I stay hydrated. I’d say like many I loved Unicorn Milk and I tried many others but nothing was Unicorn Milk. So I accepted the fact that if other versions were going to cost me $30 for 60ML’s I could probably make at least 120ML for $30, probably more like $20.

I fear though I will not be able to match some of my favorite Tobacco blends. I understand when using those I should stay much lower at 10-15% flavor as I begin down that road.

I have mastered the warming technique, my laptop is a beast and the vent on the side heats up a bottle in about 20 minutes. Easy to shake and bake :slight_smile:

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Absolutely if you like tobacco mixes there are plenty ppl here with fantastic recipes. And yes super low % s so much lower in cost.

@Alisa @Jimk @JoJo can help you out.

I rarely vape any tobacco flavors But am Crazy for fruits !! :watermelon::apple::cherries::tangerine::peach::banana::grapes:

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I ordered from Wizard these…

Black Honey
Bold Tobacco

That is where I will need to start.

Fruit wise the Tuttie Fruity stuff, I have Razamataz and it was like inhaling fruit loops, I also struggle with Banana stuff. Just sold off three nanner mixes that was not for me. I do like Orange, I like Dragon Juice (peach) and Melon Haven rocks from madtownvap.com

I appreciate all the feedback folks,

Check out @ cathouse vapor,bull city or ecigsexpress. WL is only like 2 drama for the price you can pay for 10-15 mls at these other places.

I don’t have any of those flavors. I believe they’re TPA on a guess. Like ringling was saying get to know your ratios per flavor as starting points ELR has this option by clicking on the flavor once you’ve saved it on your recipe it will lead you to the ratio page and scroll down and you will find recipes from fellow mixers using the flavor in question and then you can check out what’s commonly paired with the flavor as well as the common percentage used ! Pretty kewl !

If you’re looking for tobacco, @Jimk and @daath will tell you FA and Inawera are the way to go. I’m just getting into the tobacco and have a couple steeping at the moment that I can’t wait to try. But, there’s so many choices! LOL.

Are you located in the US? If so, I’ve found most flavor manufacturers can be gotten at Bull City Vapor for cheapest except FA, which are cheapest at ECX, and LA which are cheapest at cathousevapor.com, ECX, or straight from Lorannoils.com. I spent a lot of money before realizing I could find stuff for much cheaper at other places. I turn a lot of people to this thread, which might be kinda arrogant since I started it, but I put a lot of work in to it and am pretty proud of it. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a decent list of prices for nic, PG, VG, and flavors from different vendors in the US.


Most recipes I’ve tried , or came up with are a soft max cap of 15% and a hard max cap of 20%. Quite a few of my advs are 9-11%. Steeping your mixes before use really cuts down on the % needed for a flavorful mix . You can try speed steeping via heat and shaking up ,or heated ultrasonic cleaner. I don’t think it helps as much as just tucking it away in a cool dark place for a week or 2 IMO.

My all time highest flavouring is 15%…

Well, I do a steeping method with my laptop which puts out some heat. Juice turned color over night (kept it sealed). I ended up adding 20% VG the night I made it, effectively bringing the mix closer to 70/30 and it’s not strong at all (IMO), but very good. I want to let it really steep, but keeping my hands off of it is so tough.

I’m on to something though. I’ve paid $60 for no better at a 120ML batch. That ultimately is the point. I’m thinking I could bring out the Strawberry with 1 or 2 ML of Orange (since it is 120ML), I know that is a powerful flavor.

If it tripled in flavor over weeks it would not become UN-vapable by any means, all flavors used TFA.