What is your experience with the PG / VG base?

It seems to me that the basis of our blend of juices has an important part in the flavor component … reading some information in the ELR, it seems that the Liquid Barn base is one of the brands widely used by the community. as I am in Europe, I opted for the ChemNovatic brand, but there are many other brands in the market. Based on the principle that we use a Base PG / VG redirected to the vaping, I would like to read your experience as a flavor component on the basis that you use!

Since I started mixing my e-liquid I use VG / PG ChemNovatic for the sake of cost / quality, and I do not really feel uncomfortable with this basis, but I believe there are significant brand-to-brand differences, since the information that I ha, it seems that some VG is more sweet than others, or less bitter if they prefer. So I guess, I suppose a juice at the sucralose level may vary in the end. Or is the difference not so relevant?

Regardless of the brand, have you had to change your VG / PG for some reason?
Thank you all for your comments :wink:


When I started I bought VG from the pharmacy and PG from Tractor Supply. I bought online nicotine wherever it was cheap. Yeah I was cheap. I soon realized that ingredients bought from a reputable vendor makes a difference, and were not that much more expensive. Also I have friends who purchase ejuice from me. Once that started I felt a responsibility to give them the best and cleanest product I could. I now buy all my VG and PG from Bull City. They are very reputable and in my home state= fast shipping. Their VG is Palm Derived which I find sweeter than Soy Derived. Most reputable vendors sell Palm Derived VG. The PG I get is smoother than some other I have tried. Some say it is all made by one or a few companies and just re bottled. I don’t know about that.

Also when buying ingredients I will add my experience with Nicotine. Even though you didn’t ask, but here it is.
I only buy Nicotine from CarolinaXtrat. Their nicotine is Supercritical Nicotine extraction from all US grown tobacco. The world-wide gold standard tobacco extract. CXTC 3C! Supercritical Fluid Extraction with Cold/Closed refinement technology utilizing North Carolina and Kentucky tobacco raised without pesticides, growth control agents or herbicides. Ultra high purity, diacetyl free, clear nicotine derived in an SFE extract/purification process completely free of heat, chemicals and solvents producing a much smoother and clean flavor than kerosene/hexane extractions prevalent overseas. CXTC products have extended shelf life, require less flavoring additives, while providing consistent, rich, full-flavor profile. (Ripped from their website) I have always received nicotine that has a clean taste, always had a long shelf life, and has always had a tested strength of what I order. With shipping it is definitely not the cheapest, but IMO they deliver some of the best quality and safest nicotine out there. Bonus, they are also in my home state=fast shipping.


@CarolinaVapen, I also live in N.C. and CarolinaXtract home office is 4.5 miles from my house, but my delivery will be coming from Wake Forest about 2-3 hours away. I just ordered my first order this week from them and will be delivered this saturday 1/6/18, but we got 7" of snow on the ground, so that will be iffy. I can’t wait to try it.
I have a question. When you use it, once opened, how do you recap it and store it, myself I ordered 500ml. 100mg. 100% organic VG. I will be useing it than store it back in fridge, until i can get some ambient glass bottles in 50-60ml. bottles, than store them in freezer.

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I split it down into smaller glass amber bottles and store in to freezer. After I take a smaller bottle from the freezer and use it. I put it in the refrigerator until it’s gone and repeat. I do take it out of the cold for a few hours to let it get to room temperature and shake. I use the 100% PG. It’s not as thick as the VG. Since you have the VG version I would let it get to room temperature, maybe even run a bit of warm water on the bottle to loosen it up. Just make sure to shake it very well before you mix to avoid hot spots. A 100mg hot spot can make you sweat.


I like this thread. It makes sense to be particular about the largest component of our juice. I don’t have much experience with PG & VG from different vendors but I did recently dump a bottle of PG because it became very bitter and was very noticeable and unpleasant in my mixes. It took me a while to work out that the PG was the culprit. Anyways I’m confident that shit base ingredient = shit juice. :grin: and that it’s well worth buying premium PG VG from reputable vendors.


i live in germany and it seems we pay lot more for flavours, but a lot less for vg pg

i pay 20€ for 10L of VG (around 25$)
and 25€ for 5L of PG (around 30$)

this is less than 4$ or 3£ per Liter 70/30 base
is it true you guys pay a lot more??

ps of course smaller amounts are much more expensive

I am in The U.S.A. and have always mixed my own.I gives me the option to mix what ever i wish.50/50 to 80/20. and 100ml nic. It has worked well.
I buy by the cube(3gallons vg and a gallon pg). it is the cheapest way to go.Hope that’s a help.

what are you paying for a galon of vg or pg?

just wondering