What is your favorite coil?

I’ve been watching YouTube video after video after video and so on and so on… I at first did the simple 26 kanthal 2mm 4-6 twists. I have been developing a braided coil with 2 strands of 26 kanthal and cord. I have been able to get some interesting results, and I am going to start a chimney build with one. If its on YouTube any idiot can copy it, I know because I did. :triumph::dash:

My favourites right now are

26/28 twisted kanthal fused with 36g kanthal wrapped in parallel with a 25g SS317/36g Clapton.

The transformer coil
28/36 claptons wrapped with .8mm ribbon wire in parallel with 24g Nichrome 80.

And what I’m currently vaping with is s Clapton helix wire.
26/36 twisted Clapton with 32/36 Clapton helixed into the twisted grooves.


one that will vaporize my ejuice.

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Just kidding. I am amazed by the aritistry and skill that goes into building some of those. I am still using my first twisted Kanthol on my Sub-box mini.

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Right? Artistry is the proper term in my opinion.

My favorite is one of the clapton wire one of the awesome members here sent me. It is titanium core with 36g Kanthal wrapped around it. Great flavor! My hands are old so i run single coil .3ohm 26g 316L builds.

I may catch some shit for this but I prefer a single 5 wrapped spaced Ti coil (0.24 ohms) in my Kanger Subtank on My eVic VT. I love the flavor I get with it in the tank and the clouds aren’t to bad either!

When I first started vaping all I had was a mechanical 18650 Mod and a Mutation X V3 RBA. I experimented with the fancy coils for it, I even made a nice jig for my metal lathe for making spirals and clapton style wires. (Run the wires through the jig and hit the power button and it would do all the wrapping, twisting, etc., for me). They do have great flavor and clouds but for me it’s so much easier to sit down and spend a couple minutes and knock out 10 or 20 of the single wire coils. Then when I need a coil they are all ready made and I just have slap one in and wick it.

I love looking at all the beautiful coils you guys build and agree with the “Artistry” term but most of the time simpler is best for me.

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You won’t catch shit from me - Simple single coil Ti-wire is very good! Clean taste and good vapor! :smile:


I have had my Subox mod for 2 weeks, and have not used a OCC coil in it till just a few minutes ago.

I remember now why I was hesitant, and waiting to go sub-ohm. I really needed to clean the RBA deck, so decided to go ahead with the sub-ohm coil. And now I will admit my newbiness.

I am still vaping on 24 mixed with 18 mg nic.

and the last tank of my favorite store bought juice too. So I will leave it as is, just really watch how hard I hit it. reminds me of finding some of dads k-rations, with the pall mall cigarettes. and yeah, my first “nasties” were out of a Vietnam era K-ration.

note to self: really need to start writing this stuff down, too old to remember all of this stuff. :blush:

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Pro_Vapes, You have most likely already answered this elsewhere, but where do I buy stainless steel wire, and what type and guage do I buy for wrapping coils? Thanks.

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I ordered mine from The Crazy Wire Co. in the UK. I also hear you can get it from Etsy Finds in the US per @Damondo. You may want to get a higher gauge 26g or 28g, so it don’t build too low.

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I got this stuff on @Ken_O_Where’s advice and it’s worked pretty well for me. You may be able to find it cheaper though.

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Yep thats the exact stuff I have but 26g

Yeah, ditto…I fixed the link. Didn’t realize it was going to a 24 gauge. :smile:

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I bought mine on Ebay a month ago for about $5.50 or so for 50ft. I think it’s up a bit to $8.00 for 26g now. Maybe higher as I saw it about a week or two ago.