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What is your preferred VG/PG ratio for a Nic Salt Juice?


I have seen a lot of 50/50 and 60/40 Nic salt juices and I know many devices like the Suorin can only go to 60VG max. But what do you think?


like you already mentioned, it’s device dependent. I mix some of my nic salt juices at 70/30, others at 80/20 and more, but I do have a couple that are as low as 50/50.


I think you need to figure your device out, find your own nic level and do it.

I think if you are creating something for a vendor/b&m/local seller, you want to rethink everything.

Not sure of your location, but like I said in personal messages, it’s all device dependent.
Here is yet another bit: dependent on your rules where you live to create such ejuice for a vendor use.
@eStorm confirms what I had already told you… (thanks estorm!)