What kind of Frog is this?

I have lived in Indiana for 43 of my 45 years. I grew up playing in creeks and lakes and even a couple rivers. Done lots of fishing and I have never seen a frog like this in the wild here in Indiana…

Damnit. Let me upload the pic somewhere…

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looking forward to the pics

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I cant see it :frowning:

never mind I googled the name of image lol

Sorry. Working on this. It seems my account is in the middle of being hijacked. I went and changed all my passwords the day the tablet got stolen. But somehow my accounts are still getting fucked with. Taking my tablet and hard drives with my son’s pics wasn’t bad enough. Now they are in my online storage.

Here he is

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oh never seen that frog before

We have tree frogs here. But I never saw them bigger than a quarter. This is unlike any I have seen except on the discovery channel. He is sitting below my outside light gobbling up bugs.


Green Tree Frog?

Came up as a native (as you mentioned) to Indiana…might just be that he’s in transistion (with the slightly darker color, still looks like he might have the ‘white stripe’ down the sides, at least from what I can make out).

Mom’s got similar at her house as well (in southern Illinois)…but like you mention, very small usually. So I’m guessing her’s are gray (even though they’re green in color)

Green or Gray Treefrog?


That is what he looks like. But he’s about 4x the size of any I have ever seen.


Eastern Gray Tree frogs can be as large as 2 inches, very rare to see one larger than that.

My suggestion would be to lick it, in case it is a fun frog.


Shoot, why do you think he’s all shiney? :slight_smile:


The shiny is the fun part, hehe.


I have seen more tree frogs this year than I ever have for some reason , I was thinking maybe it was due from the above average rainfall?
Just looked out the basement door next to the computer and two are enjoying the ambient glow through the door this morning.
I can now identify one as a Gray thanks to @Sprkslfly and his link.
Not sure about the small darker little frog?


What’s he vaping? I hear their growth can get stunted if they vape menthol.:joy:

When summer came this year in Central Michigan the bugs were so loud we couldn’t talk over them. We have had a warmer than normal summer too…

We have also seen new insects we haven’t seen before. I saw flies that were long and skinny and looked like a body shop detailed their wings with black stripes… have seen Cicadas with neon green wings.


Here’s the yucky weird bug… note the high visibility wings.


I believe that is a cicada

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I think so too… but I have never seen the neon green wings before?

Look up “cicada green wings” on google… I just did

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