What makes liquid burn faster or slower?

Hi folks. I’m brand new to vaping, and am far from actually making my own juices. (I would love to, but it seems that there’s a LOT of flavors I have to buy.)

I’ve bought two juices so far, each is made by a different company. It could be my imagination, but I swear that one liquid burns way faster than the other. Could this be true? If so, what contributes to that?

I appreciate any helpful input!

I wonder if your using a different tank for each flavor ? Are they of the same consistency pg/vG ratios. I find different tanks will do that. I’ve got one tank k1 anyvape that juice just flys thru it uses a aspire BVC my other aspire using tanks don’t seem to do this ? Just a thought.

Amy2 is probably going the correct direction with this. A 50/50 VG/PG blend will indeed burn juice faster than say a 60/40 or even a 70/30 VG/PG blend. Unfortunately many juice companies do not feel this is important information and do not put it on the label. Try to remember that a larger percentage of VG will make the blend thicker, last longer, and give off more vapor than blends with higher PG.

Amy2 is also correct that different tanks can burn hotter and in turn burn more juice.

Another question I will ask of you is first are you using the same voltage, or wattage, whatever applies, from your battery. The more voltage, or wattage, the faster you burn juice. Sooooo, was this on the same setting per your juice burning away quicker. All things to think about as you compare…

Same tank, same voltage, same everything. The bottles are NOT labeled with the VG/PG percentages. So what you’re saying is if I asked the local shop to make me a juice with a higher VG base, it would be burn slower? Would I notice a difference in the taste?

there is a discussion someone put up about voltage vs wattage and it seems right up your ally. I personally like VG Bc it is kind on my throat. pg is a bit drying and overuse does dehydrate you some. Vg give juices more body and is viscous in nature and that would lead me to think it would burn slower it can be difficult to wick if too thick. As far as the flavor goes you do loose some flavor with high VG juices but I still manage just fine PG rides flavor stronger and longer but I can’t take much of a throat hit and you do get more of a TH with PG and the drying we talked about its not for me.

Well I’m not trying to go that deep into it. I love this juice that my local shop sells, so I want to know if they (or me) can modify the juice to not burn as quick, without losing the flavor?

Good luck !

Yes, higher VG should last a little longer. How noticeable the difference is, well, never tried a side by side comparison. Taste, little difference, but again, noticeable, probably only if you make big changes in VG and compared side by side. Max VG blends they say you should make your flavors a little stronger, why, because PG is a better carrier of flavor. This is why when buying flavors to blend with they are usually PG based. I do wonder if longer steep time is also a remedy for weaker taste with Max VG blends instead of adding more flavor. Possible I guess but don’t know.

What Amy2 said about the throat hit, now that you will notice more so than flavor is my guess.

OK, if you used same tank, same voltage, etc and the only difference is the juice. Being they were juices from 2 different companies then we have to assume #1 they are indeed blended differently or #2 you just liked one of them more and vaped the heck out of it. Possible I imagine. I would however see if you could find out the blend on each of these juices.

I can tell you one thing, we as being human are creatures of habit. As a smoker I would chain smoke one right after another when driving. I also would do the same when behind the computer. In the morning I would drink my coffee and read the paper and again, smoke one right after the other. Well as this creature of habit, I do chain VAPE still when driving and tend to vape quite a bit when at the computer. From one day to the next my juice intake would differ cause maybe I didn’t even get in a car for a few days, or perhaps I didn’t have time for the paper or to get on the computer. It’s very possible your daily routine made differences in your juice usage.

Something I just thought of as well. There are juices with alcohol based flavors. I’m guessing it’s possible these could make a difference. Find out as much as you can about the two juices and decide from there…

EDIT: perhaps I should state that higher VG ratio should last a little longer in ordinary tanks not when dripping or using low wattage tanks as Daath pointed out…

Those of us who vape hign/max VG typically burn it a LOT faster than the thinner juices (because I only use those in tanks as low wattage) :smile: I can easily kill a 10ml max VG bottle in an afternoon, if I set my mind to it :smiley: hahah


I know someone who is a Vape Demon LOL

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I just looked at the labels. The one that I really like lists PG as the first ingredient, which means that it has to be more PG based. The one that I’m not as fond of lists VG as the first ingredient. So with all of that said, it makes sense why it’s burning faster.