What Music Do You Listen To While Mixing?

I find putting headphones on when mixing keeps me from getting distracted. Soon as I’m distracted I mess something up. I prefer instrumental so I don’t focus on the music too much. Right now my mixing faves are Ott and Flying Lotus.

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Little Mix

Depending on the day NPR, sports talk radio, maybe alittle Taylor swift (j/k about that one). But if talk radio isn’t interesting enough the iPod gets plugged in and set to random (and that is everything you can think of)

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I don’t listen to anything. Music distracts me because I focus on the guitar, or main instrument when I listen to music.

And how could you listen to Taylor Swift without having this in your head?


I don’t listen to anything specific for mixing, so just whatever is on if anything. Typically I just give Soundcloud or Pandora a starting point and let it go from there. Lots of futurebeat and atmospheric downtempo electronic, sometimes minimal or progressive techno.

Last night I was listening to the Star Wars Headspace album. Kaskade, GTA, Baauer, Bonobo, Royksopp, Flying Lotus, etc doing their thing but with a Star Wars twist.

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Spyro Gyra…Dire Straights…Bach…Led Zeppelin…Vivaldi…and my cat runs for the bedroom upstairs :slight_smile:

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Lol Taylor Swift is fineeeee :smile: I am currently making doughnut eliquid and listening to Leon Bridges, he is amazing.

Typically any Grindcore will do. However sometimes I like to mix it up with some 90’s gangster rap and pretend I’m a bad scientist instead of just a mad one.


Black Label Society

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My usual stuff, early 90’s rock/grunge, sometimes a bit of moody trip-hop for a breaking bad vibe :smiley:

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Odd Future

I’m way too obsessive to do 2 things at the same time. Like listen to music and do anything else. I can do it sometimes and I find I enjoy. 90> of the time not.

Right now if I had to put music on and mix. Id go for silversun pickup. Maybe something different tomorrow. They are great I reckon check them out.

Talking heads might work too.

I just throw google play or tunein radio on the phone usually. I made 6 x 20ml single flavor testers yesterday and didn’t bother with music for some reason.