What’s the best DIY-recipe you’ve created?

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Well I have to throw my hat into the ring with my two latest creations. I know I have made more than a 100 or more recipes from this site, and was impressed with a few. But these 2 I’m posting here in my opinion is far better than most I’ve tasted. I’ve been doing this for about 4 months and I’m still developing my palette so I would love to get a second opinion.

  1. (Yellow Melonberry Fuzz Gmix) http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/RhH
  2. (Exotic Melon Delight Gmix) http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/RE5

My Diketone Soups are the best! Because diketones = tasty! Can’t get enough of them!


Sounds delicious! I dont have any INW flavorings so ill have to sub with Cap Sweet SB but i am going to mix some of it up.

I posted this recipe in the original thread, i dont consider it my best but it is my most popular:

Strawnana Custard


My own creations? Has to be Baker Street and After Dinner Dessert tied for first place based primarily on complexity and uniqueness. I took some Baker Street into a local B&M a little while back and it got quite a good reception, so I’d have to say I’m most proud of that one.

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Baker Street and After Dinner Dessert look delicious. I’m gonna give them a try.How much steep time?

Baker Street - Shake and Vape. As for the other…well I let it sit a month after mixing…trying once after making it. It was very good ATM, but a month later it developed quite a bit.

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M y daily vape of Pear-ple Haze 85vg/15pg blend.

Thanx @SthrnMixer

My Naners and Cream is an absolute game changer! Had over 20 friends switch it to their every day vape

You list one ingredient as simply “Banana.” Which vendor?

I use LorAnns, absolutely love it! I will go back and change that, sorry I didnt notice that in the original post

as of now, my favorite of my original recipes would have to go to Caroline

Best one I’ve created on my own is DaMomma’s Morning Kicker

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