What should I charge a local vape shop for one of my juices?

I know that most of these shops are paying 6 dollars for 15 mil and eleven for the 30 mils

I’m not going to tell you what to charge other than to say charge as much money as they are willing to pay NOW. Royalities are worthless if this vape shop does not get your juice FDA approved. They will not be able to sell it after the new regs take affect (Slightly more than 6 months from now). The way the regs are written they won’t be able to sell any juice that is not FDA approved nor will they be able to sell equipment made after 2007 without FDA approval. Where is that gonna leave you and your royalities…


OK then there go’s that idea huh???

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Looks like I think my best bet is to sell them the base that way it’s still my recipe. I’m in California do those regs effect me?

Yes, unless something is done to change the regulations already passed by the FDA between now and April, it is unlikely Vape Shops will be able to be around…Look into House Bill HB2058 and support it. Join Casaa.org, write your senators and your congressman. I’m hopeing the regs get tied up in the courts before it happens but not seeing anything happening so far…

so get this a guy at work today asked me to sell him $20 worth of a juice today…??? go figure haha it just paid for my uwell subtank rba head lol