What the he*k is it?

So, I have been Vaping for 6-7 years. I started with ready-bought e-cigaretts with a glowing led-light - shaped as cigarettes, continiued over to simple vape-units with 1-2 ml tanks, worked my way up through various tanks and mods until I am vaping on Aegis GeekVape with a Crown 4 tank on 0,23ohm meshcoil.

Still some words in this vapewolrd puzzles me, and seems out of reach to understand.

Squoink? Dripper? What are these things? How do they work?

Feel free to teach this old man something new! :wink:



A dripper (RDA, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is basically an “open system”. You put coils in the + and - posts, fiddle a wick through it and you “drip” your liquid on your coils/wick and if you don’t mind leaky atties, you even drip a little extra liquid in the open reservoir.
Hold it upside down and all the liquid will come out.

Squonking is attaching a little tank to your dripper, feeding the liquid through the 510 connector. This allows you to feed liquid to your dripper without actually having to drip from a bottle. Just squeeze the little bottle in your squonk mod and juice will flow into the RDA and wet your wicks. Letting go of the bottle will suck back the excess liquid into the bottle so you get less spilling.
Obviously, your RDA needs to be fitted with a squonk pin, a 510 pin with a hole through the center to allow the juice flow. New RDA’s usually come with both versions of 510 pins.


… and the benefit of this to standard vaping like I do?


Drippers are said to have better flavor. While that was true for sure in the past, regular tanks have pretty good flavor as well these days.
Still, some people (like me) swear by drippers. The only time I regret it is if I’m at the beach and all the sand comes in my dripper.

Squonking is a bit of a middleground between the ease of use of a regular tank and a dripper. You won’t need to walk around with a bottle to drip every 10 puffs or so.


I’m not sure what you call “standard vaping”… but there’s such a variety of systems I don’t even know what standard is anymore.
RDA’s and RTA’s give you the most freedom in choice of coils and wicks and it’s probably a whole lot cheaper than buying commercial coils.
The other week I made myself around 50 fused claptons in a little over an hour. Cost is minimal compared to “standard commercial coils” and I get much, much better flavor from them too.That’s just another advantage over what I consider to be standard.


The big benefit of squonking in Europe is that you don’t have to fill up as often. The stupid TPD laws require tanks to be 2ml now.


I thought there was a list around here that had something like what you were looking for.

Your Crown 4 is a sub-ohm tank. It uses a factory made coil. It may have an RBA which is a Re-buildable atomizer. It works just like your factory coils except you build the wire and wick it and it is reusable.

From there the list grows

RTA-re-buildable tank atomizer. It does not take factory coils. It has a deck that you build coils for and wick with cotton*. The coils are reusable. When your coils gunk up or if it is time for a cotton change you dry burn the coils and clean them with water, wire brush and then rewick them. The coils are at the bottom of the tank.

RDA-re-buildable dripping atomizer. It has no tank but a juice well instead. You build and install coils and wick it with cotton. You can take the top cap off and drip onto your coils or drip juice straight down the drip tip. These coils are reusable as well just like the RTA. RDAs are know for flavor because the coils are right there at your lips, opposed to an RTA where the vapor has to travel up a chimney.

RDTA-re-buildable dripping tank atomizer. In my opinion this is an outdated device, especially with the popularity of squonkers. Like the RTA and RDA, the RDTA uses coils you build and are wicked with cotton. The tanks sits below the coils instead of on top. This offers RDA flavor without having to drip every few hits because your cotton wicks hang down in the tank.

RDSA-re-buidable dripping squonk atomizer. It is an RDA with a 510 pin that has a hole in it. Works like an RDA as far as coils and wicking, it has a refillable bottle that you fill and squeeze. The juice travels though the squonk pin and saturates your cotton. Many describe it as “dripping upside down”.

Then there a few odd ones out there. Wotofo makes a RDTSA. It has a tank on the bottom like an RDTA but has a squonk pin,

RDAs and RDSAs are super simple to build on and wick. More so than an RDTAs.

RDAs are very popular because of flavor**. But it’s a pain to drip if you are active or driving down the road. The RTA, RDTA, RDSA and squonk mods alleviate the dripping issue.

*I used cotton because it is the most used wick material. There is also silica, rayon, and hemp.

**This is all subjective because there are many that believe that RTAs are so far advanced that the flavor is on par with RDAs. I don’t agree but that is simply my opinion. Whatever keeps people from smoking is the goal. I don’t judge. Whatever works for you.


Love my drippers. I do have one tank in rotation but only one in the last year or more.

Try working in a textile mill. Take a hit and suck down a chunk of lint :joy: 810 drip tips love lint balls.


I have been using deep well tanks at standard ohms so a fill up will last me anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or so. Might like to read:



I use a Vapefly Galaxies on top of my Topside and its excellent. I would never have known its a ‘RDTSA’ though, I just call it a bottom feed RTA :wink: