What to do if!

I bought some flavor west Tutti Fruitti, and what ever % I mix at it’s just to acity, what do I need to add to mollow it out. any idea.

Never tried it, but you try a little marshmallow. I’ve used it to round out some of the more acidic fruit flavors. Start small and work your way up to maybe 2%.


Have a look at my tutti frutti vanilla custard recipe mate i thought the exact same adding the VC made it absolute amazing


FA MTS Vape Wizard or Smooth (I think TPA) are both meant for rounding out harsh notes. I’ve used them mostly for citrus vapes that made me cough. As the others said, try marshmallow, custard, or a cream if you don’t have VW or Smooth. Those can help, too. Also, cotton candy or ethyl maltol (same things) will mute flavors, which normally isn’t a good thing, but in this case might help.