What total flavor % is enuff?

oh yea, I have SLE (Lupus) , for past 16 years, this is just one of my flare up symptons, medicated very well, and doing good, considering, Still able to work, which is great. Just have to monitor myself often.


I think the OP Topic points to something discussed elsewhere on ELR and Discord, and labeled as “Flavor Ceiling”. Looking at single flavors may have some objective test results, but in the end it is more based on how our chemical flavorings react in an actual recipe with multiple flavs. Pairings take it to another level when you see how clearly just two flavors can combine into a almost singularly detectable new single flavor.

More than just a Culinary approach of combining real food flavors, our little DIY alchemy experiments can strangely jump into unpredicted territory. Discussing the “flavor ceiling” of FlavX is a good start in pairing experiments or debugging a pesky recipe.

It’s a Subjective world here, but there is a benefit to these offered analysis attempts claiming Objectivity. It’s a starting point for some …and while perhaps just an anecdotal grain of salt, it is the Sharing thing we ask from Members. It’s on each of us to filter through the Flavor “Notes” …a problem for which there is no fix. Maybe that Max% (average) we see in “Notes” for individual flavs should carry more weight when building your recipe …especially if you’re having issues (OP? How Much% is Too Much?)


I need you to tell me! I’m currently having flavoring % issues and acidity issues. I’ve just ordered FA magic mask, but my problems are bigger.

What is the highest percentage of (total) flavor you should have in a recipe? I followed one that is a clone of one I vape, and a ten ml test called for 29% flavoring. I adjusted it, but it’s still acidic and bland in flavor.

Ok. I’m also terrified of Diketones/Diacetyl because I just don’t have enough knowledge. I know that most think it’s not enough to hurt you, but I need someone to explain slow. I’m a PTSD survivor with some tendencies toward hypochondria!! Haha so anyway, with all these DX flavors, it gets pretty acidic, as you can imagine.

I’m an easy vaper to please! One flavor. My ADV is a Captain Crunch Berries/Cereal with Berries only (no lemon, lime, orange)/and the best creamy sweet milky taste I can get without the Diacetyl, Diketones, etc…

Have been mixing TPA Berry Crunch, Purilum Cereal, Capella Cereal 27 (not sold on capella, LOVE Purilum), strawberry ripe,
dx Graham, Marshmallow, meringue, dx milk and dx sweet cream by TPA. Meringue by FA as well. I love the smell. If I could get that with some grain and berry and some creaminess, I’m a happy girl! Have ordered some other creamy flavors to try, and the magic mask, but those are a couple days out.

Anyway. Point is, I only vape that one flavor. All day every day. And I have just invested about $200-$300 in flavors, bottles, scale, nic, etc.

And here I am with a vape so acidic it gives me heartburn.

I need a consultation! I will happily pay someone to help me formulate what I need or to formulate it for me. I am willing to work, of course, but I want to appeal to anyone who thinks they could help. You’d be saving me from spending more on lab liquid, so I’m happy to pay you a bit for your time and knowledge! I have adjusted percentages like a madwoman, no change. I have tried other flavor brands. No avail.

I need some help with this first one, so I don’t have to spend money on eliquid I didn’t make. I made this investment and now I’m panicking.

Maybe you just have ideas for cutting down the acidic throat and mouth feel?

Any help is appreciated. Full assistance would be great… and I can PayPal you today. I’m desperate!

Maybe I need to be babied to understand that it’s not possible to get popcorn lung. Explain to me why, if it’s not a big deal, some companies have backed away from those ingredients, and/or created v2, DX? Sissies like me making a stink? Tell me what amount the popcorn factory people inhaled vs what I would inhale. Life would be so much easier if I could just not worry about the scary 'D’s.

Tell me I’m crazy to worry. Tell me what I should avoid, if anything.

Tell me about it and help me with my first DIY and I’ll PayPal you a 6pack. Or a 12. Or a 24. We’ll see. Haha. Maybe you like Coffee! :woman_shrugging:

Help a vape sister out! :heart:


Please stop cross posting


I apologize. I thought if the post was relevant to the thread/title then it was valid. I’m having a hard time finding a spot where people who are active now will see it. I have found many older threads, but I need help now. Again I apologize, I’m trying my best to make my way here and I am brand new. Thanks. :slight_smile:


No problem welcome aboard - most people will look at threads that have activity so one single post may find you help.

In the meantime pop into the beginners’ section and have a read

Use the search you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips.


Your Crazy to worry … Avoid colored concentrates lol , just messing with you i say your crazy only because you asked someone to … Welcome to the forum , my suggestion is to research your concerns read read and read as much as possible . Flavor choices are a personal choice , everyone has a different opinion . My opinion based on experiance is that diketone / da isnt a concern but make that choice after you have read all you can . When I first started diy I wanted to be as cautious as possible and ordered tons of V2 DX flaves and couldn’t get a good vape , so I started using the originals , now I own zero v2 and zero dx flaves . DIY is not rocket science but it doea take a bit of time and patience … Type diketones in the search bar and read the opinions and make your own choice . Many manufacturers make great flaves that dont contain diketones , stick around slow down and the help you require will come your way …


So you were where I am. Not getting a good vape with the DX… I know there’s a lot out there on Diketones and acetoin, Diacetyl, but it all seems like it was written by either the tobacco people or Diketones Inc. haha. What I’m wondering is, if you could share what you determined for yourself. So I’m not asking you to make a decision for me, but to tell me what your thoughts are. What made you feel safe going to the regular flavors after the DX and V2s? Thanks! :heart:


A study was also conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that showed that smoking tobacco resulted in inhaling 750 times more diacetyl than vaping e-juice. I know this will depend on the flavours you use but to me even if juice was a fraction of the reported 750x it is still less.


For me it’s just a matter of quantity and risk. Nothing we do is without risk and we make choices often based on likelihood of harm… As @woftam has highlighted the dyke-tones risk is a much much lower exposure in eliquid than in tobacco so the risk is minimal.

Clearly some people take the view that any chemical that is said to cause harm should be eliminated and some don’t…it’s up to you really after doing some reading. For me the risk is lower than that of breathing in a busy city with all the exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide etc that we ingest. Welcome and I hope this helps.


I looked up popcorn lung , I also looked up PPM in food ( define ) , then I read all I could , after reading and thinking how long I smoked 18yrs or so , I realized the amount of Diacytel in ejuice wasnt a cause of concern for me …BTW I googled other related things I don’t remember what exactly …

Note : I’ll still use FW yellow cake sparingly


Thank you!


Thanks! What’s up with the yellow cake?


I did find that eventually, Woftam! And that’s what I keep thinking about.

Also, did I read correctly that most concern (which was for those high amounts PPO in the air) was more about Diacetyl than anything else?

In other words, do “they” say for the most part that it’s really Diacetyl that should be avoided? Not as much acetyl and etc?


Just used it in a mix tonight, will continue till its gone I like it


Yes sir … I will eventually try the JF yellow cake , but for me to switch it will have to be the same or better ,…


Fructose …

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It is better my friend (well I think it is anyhow)


Yes ive heard that , I have about 45ml of FW left so when its gone I’ll try the JF … Problem is I dont use Yellow Cake of any kind enough to get rid of 45ml fast enough lol


:crazy_face: Add to ice cream