What total flavor % is enuff?

@Terra_R first we can help you for free, but there are limits. We voice our experiences here freely but actually contacting you personally and stating anything about safety concerns (personally advising you) could lead to a Civil liability. Laws have been initiated that stopped even Vape Shops from allowing folks to try flavors in-store, and blocked the posting in Public that Vaping might help you be able to quit smoking etc.

Also we have a short attention span in general :smirk: so not everything at once. As said above, all of your questions have been answered many times in other threads …so separating the wheat from the chaff is on you …apologies. Reading here can become a new passion …a Quest! I predict you soon will discover the magic pairing that blows your mind, and soon enough Single Flav vapes won’t be enough.

Acidic vapes? More likely not your cup-p-tea. I know plenty of people that like tart/sour vapes, but not me. Cereal vapes? You may be more of a Cream/Bakery lover. DX Flavors? Some are spectacular, but not because they don’t have AP. This is a crazy world…the Rabbit Hole and all that. You have to jump in to find your way. Best of luck finding the courage to go headlong into the Abyss.

Actually that was the highest …750 times less. the study was more like 10,000 - 750X less than cigarettes. Was it Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream that had the highest diacetyl? Delicioso! Vendors ran from those Custards and Creams years ago because of Legal/Judicial fears, not medical facts. You have a better chance of winning the PowerBall single payout jackpot than getting Popcorn Lung …from any source …IMHO :smirk: [insert disclaimer here]

Enjoy the fun. Start slow. Dare to mix two flavors and go from there. Hey I have one for you and I bet you have the Flavs on hand …This looks crazy but it’s kinda good and I use this in lowered amounts/% in one of my own (with other flavors)


Wow! So much info and welcome! Thank you!

I guess what I would like help with that I haven’t found in the forum answered then, is this- how can I tone down the sour/acidic taste in my DIY? It tastes gross and actually burns the throat a bit.

I have done my own research and found that there are a couple of additives by FA, one called magic mask and one called MTS? I’ve ordered those, and done some more research that indicates that I may need a little sweetener/ethyl maltol. So placed orders for those.

Is there anything that anyone reading this knows of and believes could benefit me?

Would it help my recipe to do a hot bath or to use anything else I may not know anything about but have heard some of you smart folk talk about doing?

You guys are my heros today, BTW. Thanks.


errm, don’t use those flavors? …or use way less. When you search for a Flavor on the ELR Home there’s a “median”%. Minus 1-2% from that as a Single flavor test and try that …you can always add more to your test. Many Single flavor test are around 4-6%, but there are some flavors waay weaker and also some you use at 0.25% (drops!). Read “Notes” displayed under Single Flavor search results …then do Single Flavor Tests (SFTs) on all your flavors. Search here (Forum) for “Single Flavor Testing” and filter through some of the results. And build your Search skills on the “Flavor Resource” page where you can find those Medians under “Notes” and Recipes too

Vape Wizard and Magic Mask are not the Droids you are looking for. You can search them in the Flavor page and read those notes


What recipes are causing this acidity problem ???


Took a recipe for a clone of breakfast at teleo’s from a mixer w/ an excellent rep and the recipe is rated great, been made and rated like 800 times. So I’m thinking it’s a good place to start.

I did adapt it from jump, in that the milk, Graham cracker and the custard I used are DX. Apart from that, stuck to it.

I used 5% TPA Berry Crunch Cereal- that’s the main flavor- recommended as median blend percentage at 6. Is even used at up to 10 in other recipes- he’s got it at 5-6% in the recipe.

It’s got strawberry ripe, marshmallow and meringue at 2-3% each. Done.

I make it. It’s like vaping apple cider vinegar.

I adjust flavors. Take them down. Still acidic.

I again adjust by taking total flavor percentage down from a whopping 20% to 10% or less then again. I figure even if it’s muted, I don’t end up spending money on premixed when I just made this big DIY investment. At this point I’m doing 10-15ml at a time, so as not to waste too much.

I’m now down to a level that’s basically 2-3% cereal (can’t taste it), and everything else is at 0.25-1.0%.

It still burns my throat and tastes like I’m vaping 20% sour additive straight up.

I am missing the suggested CAP super sweet til tomorrow. But I don’t think that could fix this or be the only issue. People rave about this recipe like you wouldn’t believe.

All I can think is the butyric acid in all of these DX flavors! So now I’m like, better go back and buy some overpriced “value” juice, because I’m on my last tank and I can’t make anything worth vaping!

Of course I’m thinking, as I’m sure you are, that it’s the DX and V2s and butyric acid.

And I have done enough reading now on the subject of Diketones and etc., that I see that it’s about harm reduction, and that I’ll definitely be getting lung disease if I go back to my 2 pack a day habit because I’m unsatisfied with my vape.

But, now I’ve spent most of my money on these DX flavors.

If nothing else- what can I grab flavor wise to hold me over til I get paid next?

It’s not like I can just get everything I already bought in it’s regular version. I already spent my money… Lol hating myself right now.

Technically, this recipe is supposed to be the cereal (which I have and isn’t DX), and some Graham cracker, marshmallow, Bavarian cream, custard and dairy milk with a bit of sucralose.

Maybe I just need to buy those three in regular formulas and see what happens there. This recipe is supposed to be dead on for a juice I love. And it’s among the highest rated recipes on ELR. Im new, but I’m smart, so if I’ve done everything the same as him but used some DX versions of the same flavors… That’s gotta be the missing link.

Sorry. I’m writing a book. Hazard of the trade. Writer’s write. And think too much.

I have now posted this in reply to the wrong person and tried to delete it and just made a fool of myself. I’m literally terrified of the forums. Because I’m afraid I’ll do dumb stuff like this and get kicked out.


Please don’t stress about it. Stop and take a breath :grinning:

Can you link the recipe you made (just cut and paste the URL in the reply box)?

I don’t know the original juice so I will be of little help but there are a lot of capable people here willing to help out.


Not sure where you read this but here is the link to the flavor in our database Check cookies I tried it around 6 but from another mixers recommendation found it best at 4%. I dont like it SF tho since the berry is weak and found the cereal part too dry. i would have like to have gotten it to work but i think it be easier to start from scratch then trying to help it. This is as far as i got w/ it but GL to u!
Check cookies


@Terra_R Sounds like a good long steep might be considered to see if it will mellow out.

Here’s a few things.

If I had to start again with the knowledge Ive gained, to get the quickest results and a few vapes I like to keep me off cigs.


#1 Vape just PG/VG and Nic, to see what it tastes like and if it’s enough nic for me. It will also help with single flavor testing, knowing what the PG VG and Nic alone add to the recipe.

#2 Mix-up all my flavors as single flavor recipes about 0.5% under the median used for each flavor. Steep all of them at least 1 week before testing them. And write notes about each flavor. You should be able to find a few flavors you feel confident about to start mixing simple vape juices you should like.

Other things Ive learned.

Don’t put concentrated flavors on your tongue to taste them, no matter how tempting it is. It threw my taste buds into shock and prevented me from being able to enjoy or taste anything while vaping.

Once you get enough experience smell alone will tell you a lot about the flavor. There is no reason IMO to ever put a concentrated flavor on your tongue. If I see someone doing it right before giving an online flavor vape review. I don’t trust their flavor appraisals.

If the flavor has Butyric Acid and smells like vomit. Let them steep at least 1 month. Hopefully the awful aroma steeps out. I decided to stay away from flavors with Butyric Acid since they make an astry smell good compared to their vomit aroma.


Now take those flavors you used in the recipe and test them as Simgle Flavors , SFT may weed out the one/ ones that are acidic.


Yep, Also once you do single flavor testing and keep notes, you will be able to just look at a recipe, and tell if the creator knows his/her own flavors and knows how to mix them.

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Maybe … But we are all so different on what we taste , I watch a couple youtube shows and they mix a lot of flavors very high im percentage that doesnt mean they don’t know their flaves , it means we mix different …


I am in the same boat you are with heartburn … some flavors cause it, others don’t. I haven’t found any rule in it so it comes down to trial and error.
If you know a flavor does this to you, just get one from a different brand and see how that goes.

Usually I do get it with fruity flavors, so trying a different profile may help too, but there are plenty fruit flavors that are perfectly fine for me too.
You’re probably after the sweeter fruits imo.
Do some flavor research before you buy and do try to take a risk sometimes, it really is trial and error. Everybody’s different.


@fidalgo_vapes Then I’ll add…
Also once you do single flavor testing and keep notes, you will be able to just look at a recipe, and tell if the creator knows his/her own flavors and knows how to mix them…(that matches your taste preferences and works with your device and flavor tolerances.)

Keeping it simple here, So… For me there’s to many flavors and too little time to mix other ppls recipes that use a flavors or %'s I would never be able to like or tolerate.


Do you have a local vape shop near you ??? If so go try some of their samples and grab a couple bottles that work for you… Im only suggesting this to give yourself something to vape until you can get through the testing phase of DIY , also what kind of VG PG and NIC are you using and at what strength is you nic at


With apologies to the Regulars who have heard this before, when I started I got a bad bottle of flavoring. Unfortunately it was Strawberry Ripe. I thought everyone was crazy for using it …Nasty stuff! I had to guess it was an error in re-bottling from the Vendor since it really tasted like I got the last 10ml from the bottom of a 55 gallon drum.

Best advice above. Suspect your Bases (VG/PG/Nicotine). It is possible you have a bad player and even testing your PG/VG and Nic just like they are flavors may be critical in finding a solution. Me? I was shocked when I re-ordered from another company that Strawberry Ripe indeed tastes like Strawberry.


If I had to choose I’d try one-shots over premixed e-juice. Since they are multi-purpose and are a less expensive. These you can mix alone and vape or start using as a base with your other flavors. They basically are recipe concentrates, you can use alone or as a flavor/base additive.


Ya but doing that she risks buying something that doesn’t settle well , if she goes to local vape shop she can sample the juice b4 wasting any money …

At least where I live we can sample juice at vape shops

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Oh yea duhh, sample in store vapes… You can tell how long it’s been since I bought any e-juice. :rofl:


Yes me as well , although I do stop by the local shop every blue moon bc the owner is a close acquintance…

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Oh yea it’s only @BoDarc 's 10ml bottle again. This is enough shaking for him, no reason to break my back! :sunglasses: