What vendor do you use for bottles and large containers for blending

I am always struggling to find a good vendors for large squeeze bottles for depensing VG and PG. I’m wanting to buy squeeze bottles most likely 250-300ml in size with this kind of cap…

Anybody got a good source for this kinda stuff that won’t break the bank?

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I typically buy bottles from Amazon, but mine don’t have the twist cap.

This site has a 12 pack for $11. Don’t know what shipping is, though.
These are about $1.83 each after estimated shipping.
These in the 8 oz size are $1.20 each before shipping.


Yes, the large 8oz one is perfect. Could be more perfect if around 12oz but perfect none the less!

This style bottle is exactly what I like, not tall and skinny, just right. I’m afraid to look at the shipping but here goes! Well shucks, shipping is $17.24 for UPS Ground. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. No USPS Shipping. I kinda have a problem paying almost twice as much on shipping than the product. Well you know what I’m looking for so if you run into them please let me know…And Thanks!


Hey @JoJo and @KEN_O_WHERE, check these out! They have more in several colors.


Once you get droppers, pay the $10 small order fee, and shipping they wind up running about $2.70 each. GBO’s fancy faded ones are about $1.80 each shipped and the ‘plain’ colored ones are $1.27 shipped. The clear, cobalt, amber, and green are even cheaper. If I were ordering a case it might work out better. But they are really pretty. :smile:

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My order was only $20 . They could just stuff my order in flat rate shipping box. This is too crazy.

Insane shipping prices

Ground (3-5 business days)$22.10
3 Day Select (3 business days)$42.02
2nd Day Air (2 business days)$57.70
Next Day Air (1 business day)$105.01

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I use AngelaKerryAmazon for my Squeezy bottles LDPE with whatever caps you require.

Larger bottles available also in 250ml, 500ml and I think 1L.


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I get my plastic bottles there, too. But I’ve never seen them carry the larger sizes with the screw tips like he’s looking for. He’s looking for something like an empty tattoo ink bottle.

Hey there’s an idea, @ringling. You could check a local tattoo parlor and see if they’d sell you a few empty bottles?


Would you give me a link. Sure would like to find 500ml bottles. Shipping reasonable I hope?

Actually I have looked at the kind of bottles they use. Tend to be 4oz or smaller and the top is way different than our purposes. I did find some acceptable 250ml bottles on Ebay with reasonable shipping but before I buy I want to give myself a little more time so maybe I can find 500ml and maybe even a couple black or amber ones for the nic…

I wonder if you could get the tops and the bottles separately? That seems to be the issue. The bottles aren’t too hard to find, but the bottles with those specific tops in larger than 8 oz is tough.

There’s these, these, these, and these in 16 oz, but none have screw lids.

It’s very possible but the problem is always not enough info on what thread type either the bottle is, or the cap is, if no both. They are always vague on descriptions. If I could find a place local where I could go and mix and match I would have them by now. Believe me I have tried…



These any good?


No pictures to see. Exactly what I want is as above, the containers with the blue liquid BUT if at all possible in a larger size than 250ml (8oz) size. No larger than 500ml (16oz). I like those more rounded and stubby bottles rather than being so tall and slender. I definitely want those type caps as well. Will probably have to settle for 250ml but will give myself time to look some more…

When you click on the link it opens an advert like this.

250ml and 500ml variations.

Not quite the caps you were after but maybe you could contact them.

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how about these?

Or these

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Those are exactly what I want but much larger 12-16 oz size is what I would like. Found 8 oz so far but want larger. Thank you @Cloyce

Ring are those LPDE safe I’m looking for some too. Harbor freight has a 3 pack for 2.50$ but it says nothing about their durability ?

Here’s what I have found and YES, they claim to be LPDE Bottles and a 1-5 day ship. Best I found so far but garsh dern it, I’m a Texan, I must have Bigger and Badder…lol

LINK, Click…

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