What was I vaping?

Hello, so I was in London England, and I hadn’t smoked in 10 days, I was looking at the pipes in one of those gift shops and… longing. The guy goes, like the pipes? I’m like no not really, he says do you smoke? I told him yes and after he made sure he let me vape out of his he kept behind the till.

I’ve been smoking for 10 years and after a 2 second puff of this I was higher than I had ever been. Long story short I bought a vape and some of this liquid he had, he filled it and made sure it was working, letting me take a puff of my new vape to verify. I have never been higher in my life. He warned me by saying, never take 5 puffs total like in a day.

So later that night I took a small one, and realized I hadn’t opened the vents on the side so I opened them and took another little one. I won’t describe the next half hour but you can only imagine. I know what shatter means now.

I was terrified of it for a few months, till I ran dry at home, so I tried it again. Being careful with it gave me the most intense high I’ve ever felt. Without going back to London to buy more, what was I vaping? I’m pretty sure the guy said it was from Iran, it was just a clear bottle with a screw on lid.

Anyone have any idea what this could have been?

Thanks for listening!

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You are in the wrong type of Forum for this discussion. Here’s what I can tell you. The E-Juice you are messing around with is Synthetic Spice K2. It is a synthetic drug that is illegal in the States it get’s you extremely high & is not safe or recommended for consumption. Do some research, Google is your friend.


I just saw on the last DoD video that the DEA(?) did a sting on some smoke shops and found freaking Fentanyl(sp?) in some of the K2/Spice type of liquids. Know your source, OP!


Not knowing anything about synthetics but a friend from out of town let me try his medically approved cannabis vape, so I was thinking CBD, maybe it might have a little THC because ya’ know, it’s the medicinal type right?


Trip to Mars, not even gonna lie.

Be careful @Capt_fox Some of that stuff is not to be messed with. Do some careful research and mix your own juice so you’ll always know what’s in it. Best of luck.


i think its completely fucked up that you didnt know what you were vaping … part your fault for not asking and the shop owner who gave you it imo is a piece of shit for not informing you that you were vaping more than just eliquid smdh , these are the type of things that will validate the fda and others for trying to shut down the vape industry , anyway just my thought…


Thanks all for the replies, and yes I agree it was kinda stupid to vape something I didn’t know what it was. He took a go at it before I did and of the one he sold me, I took that as a sign it wasn’t going to be too harmful. It was just the amount I had to be careful of.

And I couldn’t figure it out just by googling it yet you guys were able to tell me what it was within a few hours, so forums with people that know more than me are my friend.

The high only lasts about 20-30 minutes, once it wore off it was like smoking salvia, it’s just gone.

What I want is a regulated proper version of what I had, the fentonyl in the liquid thing is appropriately scary. If I ever went back there I’d find the guy and probably ask a few extra questions. I mean, arguably if you’re careful with it the stuffs pretty amazing.


@Capt_fox you just hit the BIG point. Same COULD be said for commercial juice, I mean how DO you know what’s in it ?? DIY is better in a lot of ways, and this is a PERFECT example. If you make it yourself, you never have to wonder …


i wasnt trying to shame you in any way , i just cant believe someone would give a person something like that and not make them aware …


No no I completely agree with you! I was however with another person and he knew I bought it from there, if the guy sold me something harmful it would be tracked right back to him in about 10 minutes, he didn’t sound like he was in the business to harm his clients but to make money. If it was some back alley dude with a trench coat I would have walked away.

He told me a story about a guy that said he smoked all the time, he kept asking the guy like he did with me to make sure we could handle it. The guy said over and over he could and then took a hit and bam, on the floor, they took him to the back room and gave him water and made sure he was ok before letting him go. So there were warnings of taking too much at once.

I see what you guys are saying with mixing your own stuff but, how do you ever know each ingredient is completely safe? You have no idea what’s in it, I’ve never liked vaping before because it’s just clear liquid and I have no idea what it is. At least with the green you know it’s just a plant, you can see it.

You guys were really helpful and I thank you!


This reminds me about the time a bum came up to me with a glass bulb and said smoke it. So I did and I couldn’t sleep for 2 days.

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…says the person who may have unwittingly vaped fentanyl! :wink:

This is one if the earliest scare-tactic mantras of the anti-vaping movement, sponsored by groups with much interest in keeping combustible tobacco in the black. A lot has changed since those days, but the mantra still lingers. We actually do know what’s in it, esp. here in the DIY wing of the industry.

We research our flavor ingredient choices, nicotine suppliers, VG and PG. Spend hours reading and asking questions of each other, the vendors and manufacturers of our ingredients. MSDS pdf’s are available for those who want the deeper info. I can say we know much more than the average vaper, but even they are safer than just a few years ago, as the mainstream e-liquid industry has become more transparent and cleaned up their act, making safer products having come under great scrutiny by the market.


First… Welcome Aboard Cap’n! Stick around and we’ll give you the real deal. Might be best to avoid Dude in the future …he may be trying to get customers the hard way. Might be best to also just leave this story in the past, before you find yourself involved in some gray legal area by repeating it. Erase Erase.

Start in the Beginner area here (reading), and meanwhile buy some local commercial made e-juice just to discover what you might like …Bakeries? Tobaccos? Custards? Fruits? …it’s a long list. Think of all the $$$ that has already gone up in smoke with real tobacco, and always consider that $amount when buying juice or gear …should be a pretty big budget, and you will save money soon enough. We’re all here to help …we were ALL you. Heheh well except we didn’t go to that location to buy our first Vape :wink:


This whole conversation is scary. I don’t know where you are in your life and what kind of pain if any you may have, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. I can tell you that you are going down a dark and dangerous road. I am a recovering addict and I can tell you now that I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

" A regulated proper version " is what I used. Given to me by regulated and proper Doctors and Nurses and I still became an addict.

@Capt_fox I urge you to be VERY careful. If you ever need anyone to talk to or cuss at. We have a thread just for things like this. Its a private group so if your interested just message me.

Dan the Man


This is how we all learn. No need to feel bad about it …that time you cut your finger on that dull knife or burned it on that soldering iron. The first thing you will discover here is a little better understanding discussion than on most Forums. This is a complex topic with lots of opinion and while we try to “keep it real” we also try to keep it positive. Hey? You survived cigarettes? (and whatever). Best of luck on this long journey, and your newest “lesson learned”? How to keep it :100: without burning someone else’s “finger”.

Big shout outs to @Dan_the_Man’s point. Stay safe. Nicotine is fun enough.

[insert age/gender appropriate Man hugs here]

  1. I’m fine, thank you for your concern. 2. I don’t feel bad I came here to do some research to see if I could get something similar, because it was fun when it wasn’t scary. I don’t really know anything about vaping, but I’d like to.

This kinda escalated in my absence.


…haha this is awesome, like a roller coaster. … maybe just google the place you went too or google maps the street until you can find the store and then call em up via WhatsApp or messenger and ask them.

you could like… google translate if they response via messenger.

technology is weird.