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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Hehe, I mixed something similar with 3 of those, but had the % all off, but I know exactly what you’re going for with that already. Backlog is a little bad over here too, but am going to mix it up and give it some time.


Trying my luck at some blueberry lemonade twists.

One without boysenberry, one with.


Blueberry (FW) 3%
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 5%
Cactus (INW) 0.4%
Forest Mix (FA) 1.5%
Lemon Sicily (FA) 1%
Lemonade (LA) 4%
Meringue (FA) 0.5%
Pear (FA) 0.5%
Sweet Cream (CAP) 1%
Sweetness (Flavorah) 0.4%

A whopping 17.3% total aroma, but the blueberry extra is weak, but works well with the fw one. Loranns lemonade needs a higher % as well, to not get overrun by all the blueberry. The others are there to bring crispness, juicyness and round it off.


Blueberry (FW) 3%
Boysenberry (Flavorah) 1% <— Oh snap, this one smells amazing out of the bottle.
Cactus (INW) 1% (Alternating between this one and Pear (FA) for juicyness)
Cotton Candy (EM) (TPA) 1%
Lemonade (Flavorah) 1.25% Need that starburst lemony goodness…
Strawberry (SC) (RF) 1.2%
Strawberry Lemonade (TPA) 4%
Sweetness (Flavorah) 0.3%

12.75% total flavour, just made a batch of this. The strawberry lemonade is fairly weak, but im hoping it plays ball with flavorahs. I want the blueberry and strawberry to play along with the zing from the “lemonade” portion of this one. Made another batch of this with 0.4% ws-23, to see if that works too

Arent they all wips? :smiley:


I had to give up on my RF Bourbon Tuscan Reserve v3 adaptation because something in it was gunking up my coils fast (I am thinking the brown sugar but it could have been the bourbon, not sure) and I got sick of having to rewick every couple squonk bottles instead of every 100ml like I am used to.

I just brought my RF adaptation of @Ken_O_Where strawnana custard out after a 2+ month steep and I am liking it a lot so far. I haven’t vaped a strawberry anything in quite some time so this is a nice change of pace.

Strawnana Custard
1.80% Strawberry (Real Flavors)
1.50% Banana (Real Flavors)
1.50% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.80% Cream (Real Flavors)
variant of - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/102758/Strawnana%20Custard



I brought this up into the rotation yesterday and it is quite tasty:

Apple Strudel
2.00% Apple Pie (Real Flavors)
1.30% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)
1.00% Cinnamon Roll 1 (Real Flavors)
0.50% Cheesecake (Real Flavors)
0.50% Now Glycerite Stevia
variant of this - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/473572/Apple%20Strudel


Pro’s Chocolate Milk is so good! Very realistic. I love that mix and I’m not even a chocolate milk kinda guy.


I did not like it as much as the @Pro_Vapes chocolate milk base, but it should be a problem with me, since all the recipes I made with Italian cream, were down the drain … I have 2 more aromas from Hangsen, and I will not mix with they … there’s a taste in my taste buds, with this manufacturer that does not work with me. :confuso:


that lemon custard is off the chain good


That’s the recipe’s I am mixing:

:leaves::cherry_blossom::leaves: CorBliss v*5.38 :leaves::cherry_blossom::leaves:

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1.00
Cinnamon Sugar (SilverLine) (CAP) 2.00
Coconut Custard (SC) (WF) 3.00
Coconut Milk (LB) 1.25
Rice Base (VTA) 0.45
Smooth (TPA) 0.20

:mouse2: Fruity Cereal Crème :rat:

Ingredient %
Fruit Circles (SilverLine) (CAP) 6.00
Sweetness (Flavorah) 0.15
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 4.00
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah) 0.50

:honeybee: Greek Parfait :honeybee:

Ingredient %
Greek Yogurt (TPA) 2.00
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 1.00
Honey (FA) 0.20
Honeycomb (VTA) 1.50
Marshmallow (Purilum) 2.00

This one I am vaping, but still in WIP.

:cherry_blossom: White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake :blossom:

Ingredient %
Bilberry (FA) 0.50
Blueberry (FW) 2.50
Crispy Wafer (SC) (WF) 2.40
Custard Premium (FA) 0.75
English Marmalade (VTA) 0.50
Vanilla Custard Cheesecake (OOO) 3.00
White Chocolate (FW) 1.50
White Chocolate Base (VTA) 2.35

im about to start on a smores journey myself, reading your thread has intrigued me. TPA MM at those levels…sounds interesting im looking forward to seeing the results first hand… thanks for the recipe session…will leave feedback for sure…


Smooth Weston by vampire vapes, really enjoying this one.


@vape4dayz I appreciate that, and would be very interested to hear your feedback on either of my two S’mores’s. I still feel like each needs/needed to be tweaked, but had to move on to other projects LOL. It’s surprising, but even at the high level of TPA MM it’s in no way overpowering or overbearing, due to the darkness of the FA Choco, and/or the sharpness/twang of the CAP GC.


@vape4dayz, @SessionDrummer both could just cheat and use the easier route :wink:

I normally not a fan of easy routes but we doing it with lots of concentrates, due to simplifying recipes or reducing amount of flavorings overall.

Anyways, (WF) S’mores cupcake is actually pretty good, add a bit of Graham and marshmallow and you’re pretty much set.

I know it says cupcake, but just like caps cupcake there’s not actually much detectable cupcake hence me calling it just s’mores lol.

Otherwise good ideas tho, definitely looking forward of seeing more of s’mores from scratch.


@eStorm Believe me, about half way through my iterations, I was like screw this, and did buy a few s’mores flavors but every one had something I didn’t like, or the profile was all wrong for what I was trying to do. Now, with that said, I’m ALWAYS on the prowl for anything S’mores whether I’ve mixed it or not. Don’t have any Wonder Flavors yet, but that could change. Thank you.


Probably not what you want to hear… But you could probably eliminate the “sharpness/twang” aspect by ditching the DX/v2 combinations.

The Butyric Acid is almost certainly responsible for that IMO/IME.

Best chocolate concentrate?

LOL @Sprkslfly I don’t want to NOT not hear anything. I know what you are talking about, but the small amount of DX I don’t think is doing it. I could be wrong (I like being wrong, because then I learn stuff), but I think it’s partially due to the liquor nature of the FA Choco, and the Cap GC (which I love), has a slightly punchy note to it. BUT, I could be wrong. Tell you what Mr.Sparks, I’m gonna try it without the DX, and let’s see what’s what. I labored, and I mean labored over a gazillion different iterations of choco’s, creams, etc. and it’s probably just because of my PITA nature, that I wanted a specific profile that made it harder. Once I nailed down the FA Choco, I played around quite a bit trying to “turn” the liquor nature of it, and about every attempt with the normal suspects Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh, Milk/Dairy even Cream Milky Undertones, all seemed to pull the profile off, so I left them out.

I’m ALWAYS looking for improvments. I’ll post back, after I mix up a non DX tester. :slight_smile:


Fair point my friend! It has been awhile since I’ve messed with FA chocolate so I could most definitely be forgetting something on that front.

Also, I started to mention it earlier, but, knowing how much time you’ve put into it, I was going to suggest trying VTA chocolate mousse, or perhaps FLV milk chocolate! :wink:
Initial impressions of both are very favorable!


This is a bit weird but only a test will tell - I will do one but have not had the time of late

LA Tart & Sour to make a better chocolate


What about the S’mores from Amoretti ? Everyone that’s tried their flavors say they are “spot on” to the name on the label, so wouldn’t their S’mores be similar ? As in really good - but stupid expensive and not a Super concentrate.
I was eyeing that flavor from them, but said NO because of the cost.