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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


That lemon custard pie sounds nice, I just started playing with lemon because of the rf sc lemon cookie, it’s the only lemon flavor I have but i think it’s amazing lol the lemon note is wonderful, but it’s lacking in the cookie department


Thanks, man! I’d just call that Lemon Cookie a Lemon and go with it! Have you tried turning it up past the recommended %? Some RFSC’s can shine at 3-4%. Might get the Cookie part to come out and play. Could ruin the good lemon note, though! Never tried that one :slight_smile:


I usually run it at 2.5-3% in recipes, all it needs is a little cap sugar cookie and a touch of inw biscuit and it’s perfect


You should try Cap lemon meringue pie, and lemon Sicily! Both are great… But have the usual “lemon fading” problem that many have. (MF lemon is the only one I use regularly that doesn’t, but Ina lemon probably doesn’t fade either. My Ina was a crap batch or reformulated so I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t used it much, since it has to be used at 5-6 percent…)


I’m not entirely sure I will pursue any new lemon recipes but if I do I will keep those in mind! I recently realized that bakery stuff is my favorite, specifically cookie type mixes and cinnamon roll type mixes, with custards as a close second and then candy types and fruits behind all that lol, that being said I have been thinking about a lemon bar recipe lately lol. Have you tried the rf lemon cookie?


A good lemon meringue pie is so bakery :wink:


I agree, but I’ve been obsessed with cinnamon roll mixes lately, I would say about 90% of what I vape in a day has cinnamon in it lol


No. I swore off anything RF over a year ago due to Walt constantly changing shit. (First VG at stupid high percentages, then extracts (which were incredible), then SC’s which weren’t ‘super concentrated’, then PDO, then “Professional Super Concentrates” :roll_eyes: and on and on).

I have however (since you mentioned lemon bar) been making a modified version of Voodootroll’s lemon tart v4 for months now, and it’s absolutely sublime IMO!

I’m pretty sure it’s public. But my variation uses the two I mentioned above as staples, and it’s a must have mix in my rotation. :wink:

Holler of you are interested/curious, or if you can’t find it, and I’ll happily dog up a link!

Funny that you say that!
I’m a fan of that as well! lol


I swore off cinnamon when I first started vaping because I got some juice from VapeWild that had cinnamon in it and it tore my throat to pieces so I just assumed cinnamon didn’t agree with me. Fast forward to a few months ago and I got a berserker rda from VapeWild and they sent juice samples and all of them tore my throat up and I realized it was their nicotine that was harsh, so I went out and tried a higher quality cinnamon roll store juice and fell in love lol


Yeah most of their stuff sucks donkey balls.
Not to mention the crappy nicotine.

I did their $1 sampler thing a couple months ago, and basically there was one flavor in the 13 they sent that was “ok”. It might have been worth it if I used plastic bottles…but even those are wasted on me in particular. chuckles

Personally I can’t see how anyone can use them.
I’ve had better “house blends”… :laughing:


I can vouch for that ^^^^


Thought I was the only one craving lemon meringue :slight_smile:
If you guys like these, you should compare


I made them next to each other to compare, only I changed the Juicy Lemon (CAP) by Juicy Lemon (Vapable) because my cap was a bad batch, as well as Lemon Meringue Pie both to Cap v2. I prefer the DLLT Remix any time any day.


@Suomynona LOVE this post brother.


This recipe seems like it would be really good but as of now I only have 34 flavours & not most of the ones needs to make this, but 1 day I will have them & make this Dinner Lady clone. Irl I love lemon meringue pie so much!


I remember when you did your salted recipe I wanted to mention you can switch some of your stash flavors to more popularly named ones so you dont miss out on notes about these flavors.

Switch these for the ones below
… lemonade (FW)
koolada (TPA)
Whipped cream(fw)


Sorry if I entered wrong topics or room. Please try and give feedback with manner. Credit to spectrometer to make the base recipe and to Vaping souljaaah who give good suggestion on comment section so I could and dare to make this mix recipe. Thank you


Looks like a nice combination of flavors (for a profile)!

I would have to adjust a few things for personal preference, but it’s an inspiring recipe! Thanks for sharing!


This one is getting really exciting.

Any tips on making a Pudding from Custard flavors? Looking more for general ideas, not flavor recommendations. Like, oh, add a little Almond, or Coconut, or Banana to magically make it a Pudding. I’m thinking I read that about Banana around here somewhere! Thanks!


8 mo ago… I mixed a huge batch… now down to a 4oz bottle of goodness <3


After almost 2 yrs of mixing I finally made a recipe that my Daughter is requesting! Shes very picky and only vapes one store bought juice besides this one now.
I thought id share it here will you :blush: