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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Well … My first recipe, in study … Not bad at all … I would appreciate comments … And remember, if you visit Barcelona, contact me that I invite a beer.



Wow … I do not get it right


@Gus6 you will have to make the recipe public by hitting edit and selecting the checkbox (or share privately use the blue wrench click on share privately then copy the private URL and paste it) for it to be viewed by other members


Thanks @woftam, I’m new to the forum, I’m older, and it’s hard for me… And I don’t speak English…

Let’s see if now …
It’s a poop, but I’m vaping now …


Not to worry mate - Welcome aboard your English looks fine to me (I am Australian so I don’t speak English either :rofl: )




After tasting Cantaloupe MF @ 30 days, 1%, I had to make a recipe with it… This is surprisingly tasty right off the scale. Can’t wait to see how it develops!


It is rare that I move any of my recipes to public, because I never think that they are good enough.

But, I have two that I have been tweaking and believe that others would enjoy.

The first is “The Fish Kiss” (The Fish keep it simply sweet); http://tjek.nu/r/q9B9This is one that I was going for a realistic gummy fish experience. I believe mcancillieri back in July was on the right track. Needs that pow of candy raspberry flavor, with a lingering sweetness, but something a little sour to counter the sweetness so that it does not become to sickly. A good shot of Raspberry Sweet by TPA, with a dash of Lemon Lime by Cap and there it is.

Next is Summer Sour Melon http://tjek.nu/r/maXK I made this recipe back in May, and even tho I made it for vaping while doing yard work out in the pea soup we in the south call summer, I keep mixing it up to vape each month. The Honydew is very forward @ 5%, with a mild mint, and a bit of sour. Reminds one of biting into the first melon of spring when the rine is still thick and green but the flesh is firm and sweet.

I hope someone enjoys mixing these and/or altering them. I know I have enjoyed tweaking and vaping them.



From last Christmas - Horchata Nog

I forgot how wonderful this is. But it definitely has me curious about Horchata, and if there is a better one out there. The only other one I ever had was Horchata Smooth from TPA. Not a fan. It lacked depth for me so I tossed it. How about from another manufacturer - any recommendations?


Link not working, deleted


Been vaping this for past few days.

But wanting something different tomorrow… So I mixed up 250 ml of Smurf Balls


Flv horchata is pretty good


All of these recipes are still concept, will be mixing them up at some point tonight.

Rich cinnamon is 1 drop per 20 ml


Vaping this lovely gem, Very Berry Melon, in the Envii Kilted RDA. This RDA was never part of the mainstream. It’s another lesser-known gem. It’s also somewhat inconvenient when using the “flavor chamber” as filling it is a little bit of a drag. But I use it at my desk, and damn the flavor is intense.

Vaping very happily this morning!


Yup. Vaping one of my favorites.


That sounds great! I’ll never be able to mix with those flavors, but the idea resonates, for sure.


Thanks. I’m about to place a flavour order now. I got the proper cooling agent that has no menthol flavour & added a few others like Coconut (Cap)recently. Will give these recipes ago


Finally got to try out Rob’s Berries, and they’re GOOD !!!



Is there a sub for Vienna cream?


In my opinion, (fa) Vienna cream is basically just a medium heavy cream, with acetone off note that needs around 3 week steep. I think it does have some vanilla but can’t remember.I

Mostly used to thicken other creams or adding a very light meringue nuance. I personally don’t notice this because the acetone doesn’t go away for me personally lol

So I’d say use any medium thick cream you have, too support the other creams, might need to increase the percentage or decrease depending on brand you’re using.

I don’t think there’s a 1:1 sub for the fa, but then again I personally hate that flavor, therefore I might just not have tested it good enough, I do admit that lol.