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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Lol. True that. I almost always use the recpie side and forum for inspiration rather than being exact since I always need to sub and other flavors stand out to me more than others…or just don’t work for me.


Which Moon Sugar recipe are you using? I’d forgotten about that one after screwing it up badly years ago (missing many flavors and subbed it to death), and I’d like another go.


I tried quik with a couple of subs but didn’t like it…maybe it was the subs. I mostly have been trying my own variations of existing recipes until last week when I decided it was time to come up with something on my own…it’s called reverend custard…don’t laugh!!


I just can’t get enough Strawberry n Cream, when I was looking at my recipes this morning, more the half follow this profile. :rofl:


Giving this a second shot


Mr. Good Vape Moon Sugar
I got a handful of one shots on sale.
I’m still needing to expand my palette.


I’m yet to find a Flavorah concentrate that has worked for me at greater than 1.2% in a mix. Most I use between 0.3 - 0.8%. But this is my taste buds. :wink:

This cherry pudding recipe that I made only had a total of 1.5%.
(Still a work in progress.)


i agree … After reading a lot,of,what smokyblu suggested ive reworked many FLV flavors and,am enjoying them much more … Her and Pro Vapes played a big role,in how I now mix


Hows the cherry filling mate it seems strong at .2% to me altho i have heard there cherry takes a while to steep and then the off notes leave hopefully its the same with the filling.
Are you getting that plastic medicine type note? In this mix ?


I’d have to agree. My first attempt I tried using the elr single flavor recomendation. Since I couldn’t find a single flavor test recipe at that time (sad to see those have disappeared)

Single flavor recommendations: 3
Average quantity: 2.2% (Median: 3.0%)

First attempt actually turned me off from ordering any flavors from flavorah. And convinced me some people’s taste buds are completely messed up.

But yesterday I woke up and wanted to mix up Berry cheesecake… tried talking my self out of it (honestly I did). But the mixing demon had his claws in me and wasn’t going to take no as an answer. Actually Vaped it all day yesterday…

Guess more people need to fill out their notes so the recomended % will be lower…


Cherry filling is fine at .2 but it is not a solo flavour it needs support - as a single flavour it can be a little playdoughy paired with the flavours there which are all fairly boisterous I would think the result would be pretty good


In this mix it is literally overwhelming everything with that medicine plastic tast fingers crossed it steeps out.


The flavours in @marsh855 's mix are much more potent I would suggest (i haven’t worked with those vta) but I know that Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah) in particular is a very rich and strong flavour.


Thought i better tast that recipe again its been steeping since the 28/11 and glade to report no chemically plastic note :pray:… actually a really nice cherry flavour comparable to a cooked cherry might try a different crust but yer it just needed a little time.


I don’t get the plastic medicine type note you are talking about. I have used this combination of cherries on a few occasions before this mix.

The chocolate works well with the cherries, I haven’t tried mixing them without it and I don’t think I will, they balance each other nicely.

Mixed it again this morning, to see what you mean with the medicinal smell from the cherry filling. Before it’s mixed with others, maybe I get the smell you talk of, but I think @woftam said it’s not a single flavour. That is 100% correct imo.

The smell totally changed when I added Chocolate Deutsch!


I just checked on the flavorah that I have used enough to comment and most of them I use at least 1/2 the median, but more likely a 1/4 or 1/3 of it in a mix.

So there is a big discrepancy in the median and how I use them.


That looks about right… not sure what you have your drops per ml set to, but it looks good! :slight_smile:

Less is more, when you think about it, especially with @Flavorah! <3

I have a few nuts and cherries going on right now in a smooth yogurt mix… another day or so I will be testing things out! Cheers! :smile:


Not sure if I’m missing something simple, but this confuses me a bit.


If you are mixing with all of one company… and your drops from the bottle are all the same…
count them to check how many drops makes/creates 1ml

99% of people fail to do this with any recipe on site, and even tho mixes “come out right” knowing how many makes a ml can improve your mixes… (yeah, another one of my “Plot twists”)

Have fun playing around with it… for flv, common drops are .02g and 50 drops per ml… :slight_smile:



Thanks, that makes sense, I take you mix by drops, I’ve always done it by weight.

I will be playing with flv a bit, since I placed 3 different orders this week to get the ones I wanted.