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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Time to restock the shelves… after running out of nic starting stocking juice with nic instead of without nic


FLV Whipped Cream is my fav… but then again… I don’t use it over .8% otherwise I get a churned butter cream…


What, really? I figured you for a Lorann fan! :wink:


I keep my lorann for my lollies @anon44944642!!
You should know that by now :stuck_out_tongue: hehe!!


So I placed my order with Chefs over a week & a half ago so hopefully I get it before Xmas. I’m vaping a Unicorn milk Remix that’s a good after about 3-4 weeks of steep time. I still haven’t learnt how to put the recipes from my list not on private here yet sorry. Then in my Ohm boy Rage I’m squonking the amazing last of my Very Vanilla with Lemon cream it’s great @ 1 weeks steep & to die for @ 3-4. I’ve just made a new batch with .75% more Juicy lemon(Cap) & .5 more natural sweetener just to see if it gets any better but there’s really no need for improvement! ADV well I’m waking up @ night to vape this recipe!Lol! Have updated the name to Very Vanilla Cupcake with Lemon cream & my new label maker is doing a great job too, no more messy maker pens for me! If someone can teach me how to bring my recipes across would-be appreciated? While my last batches have been steeping I’ve been vaping a great Shake n Vape Strawberry Ice cream by Joe & Joe just Sweet cream(Cap), Strawberry sweet(Cap), Strawberry ripe(TPA) & VBIC(TPA) it’s delicious straight away but if u make a spare & steep each week it improves up to about a month then it just stays fantastic!


Very Vanilla Cupcake with Lemon cream

Ingredient %
Butter Cream (CAP) 2.00
Cream, Sweet (CAP) 1.50
Cream, Whipped (TPA) 1.50
French Vanilla (TPA) 2.00
Lemon, Juicy (CAP) 2.75
Stevia and Monk fruit extract natural sweetener (R 0.45
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 1.50
Vanilla Cupcake (TPA) 4.00
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5.00

Flavor total: 20.7%

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Add to that if you don’t mind,the 2nd example would be for public recipes but for private ones clicking the blue wrench reveals “share url privately” which adds a new link at the bottom of the recipe’s page for copy/pasting


Sorry for the late ass response @TheTinMan. @eStorm has a pretty good take on the vienna cream, although I’d never thought of it as acetone, but I know what she’s thinking. Without the OP blowing this up, I’m going to have to say no, at least not for this recipe. I don’t know how @SthrnMixer figured this out, but the Vienna perfectly pairs with the berries after a short steep. The VBIC adds the cream, VS thickens it up without any custard notes, and CF just thickens up the cream a hair. I’d be afraid to suggest any subs in this one. Having mixed for years now, feeling stupid I’d never bought the Forrest Mix, quite a nice lil’ flavor. With only a few flavors, and no sweetener this ones a great top shelfer IMO.


I’m not sure if it’s acetone, but it tastes just like the smell when walking into a nail salon lol. Maybe it’s the acrylic, acetone, gel who knows, but I imagine this is what it would taste like, pretty much Vienna cream for me :wink:


Howdy folks. Been mulling over a recipe and would appreciate feed back. Looking for a white chocolate peppermint creamy candy type vape. I’m going to expand to some other white chocolate flavorings but this is what I have: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/174903. Won’t be able to purchase anything until after Christmas so would like to use what I have available.

As usual, I really appreciate your input!


I personally would just pair the white chocolate (flv) with (lb) white chocolate peppermint. That also would help support your actual peppermint/mint.

(Vta) white chocolate isn’t bad but it’s like it says a base. Very thin and delicate, you could pair that with 2-3 other w.chocolate. Imo this flavor also doesn’t work below 5% unless you’re using it with extremely light flavors mostly fruits, if you wanted to use it as primary.

I also would lower the Bavarian cream or take it out fully. All that vanillin and maltol that’s in this flavor plus the emulsifier will just destroy these delicate white chocolate nuances, especially flavorah 's since its in my opinion top heavy.

(Flv) cream should be enough for the thicker cream effect you’re looking for. especially since the (lb) does contain a pretty rich cream as well, but could pair that with a thinner cream if you think that it’s still lacking etc.

This is only my opinion of course based on the flavors available, not based on flavors you should be buying :slight_smile:


Thank you! Good suggestions. I do have some lb white chocolate peppermint steeping and it seems imo to need something to bolster it so I will try your suggestions.

This leads me to wonder though…what flavors to meet this profile should I be buying? :crazy_face:


I haven’t seen the change to the pYure recipe but haven’t found it in Australia yet anyways! I’m using a natural sweetener by Raw Earth called Stevia and Monk fruit extracts. It’s predominantly made of non GM erythol which I mix 5% with 95% VG to have a mixture I can sub out Super sweet(Cap) for @ the same % used. It’s been an issue getting it recognised as a ‘proper’ ingredient to have in my stash & recipes. But on the topic of what I’m mixing/vaping today, I just made the Sinnamon Kookie Kustard & even without steep time just after a test straight onto my coils, the smell is driving me crazy for wanting more! I only made 30mls but wish I’d made more! I had made the 4 recipes that I set out to make but got on elr & came across a post from u of this mix. So glad I did, I’ve just got vapemail of over 20 new flavours & a few top ups for ones I’m running out of. So when I saw the comments about your mix & it being so simple but with CDS a new flavour to me I knew I had to make it before I packed up. My dinning room table is the only space I’ve got to mix on atm so it can put me off mixing at times when u have to get everything out then pack away again straight after. So I’m glad I stopped to see this recipe u posted, sometime ago I think? It was well worth making & I know it will only get better with time…if I can leave it alone in my pantry that is! Thanks for sharing & happy holidays to u from OZ!


Thanks for the help on hiw to share my recipes properly;)


Its definitely something that should be highlighted in all beginner threads. In order to get feedback you need to be able to share without infecting the database w/ terrible or untested mixes.


Does that include marking WIP?


Not sure i follow but anyone capable of marking wip probably knowingly released it to the public although knowing it could be better. Simply sharing the know how to share without releasing to the public which some may think is required to share. guess my word of the day is share :rofl:


I’ve got multiple mixes in my daily rotation. DIY Quik, Hazelnut Coffee, Cinnamon toast, Moon Sugar, Strawberry cheesecake, etc…
Been testing variations of all those mixes. Half dozen other mixes steeping for Xmas.


Wayne’s Quik is good SNV, better after 3 days. Moon Sugar I can’t get handle on. It’s like chewing a handful of cereal crunchy marshmallows. It’s ok, but no back flips going on here. Never thought I’d be a fan, but several variations of this Cinnamon crunch has made me smile. Hazelnut coffee has been a good basic go to. Other flavors have been “let’s see what this can do” kinda testers.


I would like to think it would be a nice addition!

Hopefully that would at least help to cut down any negative criticism (in the poster’s comments section)! :wink:
Aside from the obvious heads up to those considering mixing up a recipe with “high expectations”. chuckles (always better to be ‘pleasantly surprised’ than notably disappointed!)