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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part III) 2019


New Year New Thread

Let’s start fresh!

What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?

bringing in the new year with a little brandy.

Brandy Hawaiian Drink
0.60% Real Flavors - Hawaiian Drink (SC)
0.20% Real Flavors - Brandy

14 day steep ?

it still has 6 more days to steep and I still think it needs more brandy.

Happy New Year Everyone


That is a little! Have you tried it cranked up a bit? I don’t have these, but if the Brandy is at all similar to their Bourbon, I can’t taste it below 2%.


Didn’t mix as much as I wanted cuz I am recovering from last night but did the following:


Yummy!! :yum:


That is a tough profile to get, coherently! I made one attempt last year and it was ok, but it’ll take some effort to really get all the parts in their places. A little sloppy. Have you steeped this out yet, or is it fresh?


Testing this out on day 3. Very promising. Nice and simple.

Funny though, when I searched the webs just now for recipes with these basic elements - it turns out there is a disinformation campain circulating that eating Pineapple with Milk will KILL you! Too funny. Silly interwebs. Have some Sherbert!


Steeped is definitely better, but it’s decent fresh. Around 2.5 weeks all the flavors really stand out.


time to start a new shopping list for nic river. defiantly will have to try this out.


It’s delicious!!!



Hey everybody, thought Id mix up Lars’ two new ones, looked good. Of course I never have every flavor so I do what I can or change it up. First my mix of his Pinanaberry

I changed his BC to tpa’s and his HV to FV, kept his %'s the same.
I also kept his picture. His was a light banana mine too heavy and up front
Next his Cool Pineberry Apple
You’re gonna have to see his original, I made a drastic change. I switched his Polar Blast to Jungle Juice (FW) menthol and melon. At .3% may not be too big a deal, and the fruity notes in JJ are tutti-frutti ish. @daath said tutti-frutti might be good in here. Had to change one of his apples to Stark. the menthol doesnt really come through at 0.3. I’m loving this as SnV.


11 day test and this is tasting great! I may need to up the nutmeg, but it is very nice in a subtle way. A creamy, smooth Strawberry Honeydew with an earthy, spiced undertone.

My wife got hip to my series of vapes to go with certain activities or places, and asked for a recipe for sexy time :wink: Challenge accepted! Haha! This is a sexy flavor.


now that i have the needed ingedientsfelt like making a couple i haven’t made in awhile

Strawberry Margarita v2
5.00% H2O - Pure & Pristine
4.00% Flavor Apprentice - Strawberry Ripe
3.00% Flavor Apprentice - Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew)
2.00% Flavor Apprentice - Jamaican Rum
1.00% FlavourArt - Strawberry (Red Touch)
0.50% FlavourArt - Lime Tahity Distilled
0.50% FlavourArt - Orange
0.50% Inawera - Cactus

Sassy Strawberry v2
10.00% Liquid Barn - Strawberry
3.00% Capella - New York Cheesecake v1
3.00% Capella - Vanilla Custard v1


OH SHIT! Tremendous combination of flavors going on. Sadly, I bought this beer as part of a mix/match 6 pack, so I only have the one. But dang - heaven!!!

This juice is still private but it’s going great with the beer…


Looks real good, might try it with a mix of Purilum Bananas,(which are real good to me, I have an aversion to LA flavors) :+1:


You ever tried Pluff Mud from Holy City Brewing out of Charleston SC?


Indeed I have. Good stuff that!


sweet baby jesus that custard looks good !


The juice is ok. Nothing special really. And it’s not fully steeped. I was just having that beer and tried the juice. Such a great combination.

EDIT - @David5362 big LOL moment. I think by the time made this reply I had the entire 6 pack sampler in me. So I didn’t notice you were replying to @Molly_Mcghee :laughing:

I’m blaming alcohol, not that center-of-the-universe syndrome I have