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What Ya Vaping / Mixing Today?


Mixing a little 15ml vile of Pineapple, Mango, Marshmallow, and sweetener. To date I haven’t found a stellar Pineapple recipe but I keep trying. We’ll see.


I’ve begun working w/ rf sc pineapple. I love their pineapple by itself. But I’ve only just begun mixing w/it. So time will tell


Really appreciate the tip. I know nothing of “real flavors” but I found them online and I will give them a shot. I’m using TPA and the only I can describe it is acidic. Not to infer there is some kind of acid imbalance, it’s just very bright, edgy, and lacks depth.

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I tried tpa as well, as was also similarly disappointed. But the rf 1 is much sweeter and to me tastes just like a ripe pineapple


Testing my fuzzy navel today and a bit nervous. It smelled awsome before i steeped it. It’s been 12 days, now it’s got an off smell… something i really don’t think I’ll like. Do fruits age faster? This might be a no steep, or I’ll have to cut back on a part of the recipe if i can figure out what made it turn.


If you post a recipe - maybe we can help you find what the issue could be

would be a good spot


Thanks! Ill vape and diluted taste it before i post. Maybe it just smells off, but tastes great? :scream::crossed_fingers:


Vaping this at the moment, oooh my goodness its so SO creamy!! This is the first thing I’ve made with medicine flower white chocolate and I think I’m in love. :heart_eyes:
The recipe is still private, I think the raspberry needs just a bit of tweaking. But the white chocolate custard part is stellar.
(One month steep on this)


Medicine flower white choc??? I’ve never heard of it… and I’m immediately intrigued. Which vendor?

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I got mine from ecigexpress. They relabel Medine Flower as Lotus Flavors.


I have 13 recipes that I want to mix. I have been slacking off there and on here because of a surgery with a difficult recovery. But now I am feeling much more like myself again :blush: I missed everyone!!

I am finally going to make bust-a-nut because I have all of the flavors needed. I’m so excited! Have heard so many good things!

I just made 4 different tobacco flavors to give to my Dad (re: Smoking vs Vaping with Kidney disease). Let’s hope vaping gets him off the smokes!

I am currently vaping Candybeca at 6mg nic, which is so far my favorite recipe and ADV. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1036109/Candybeca

And, breaking it up now and then with ZERO NIC (!!!) Purilium Tropical Fruit, which is a killer stand alone flavor and S&V!


Glad you are feeling a bit better - fab to have you back :hugs:


Thank you so much Lolly!! :heart::heart::heart:


I was wondering where you went… Welcome back! Glad you’re doing better!


Thank you so much!!! :heart::heart:I am so happy to be feeling like me again.:blush: I did not expect that I would take soooo long to get through this. If I had, I would have gave a heads up!!


Here are some good single flavor tobaccos you could mix for pops.

Flavour Art - Soho. It’s rather weak, so 12% is about where you’d need to be.
Flavorah - Cured Tobacco 3 - 4%
Flavorah - Kentucky Blend 3.5%
Flavorah - Red Burley 3.5 - 4%

The Flavorah ones would appeal to most anyone who is a tobacco lover - i.e., they smoked cigars, pipes or rolled their own cigarettes. I think even someone who only ever smoked cigarettes or who chewed tobacco would enjoy them immensely. I’m particularly fond of the Red Burley. The Soho, well it’s not got a lot of tobacco flavor, but most people I know who’ve tried it and were smokers tend to love it. If you never smoked tobacco in your life you may well love this one.

Glad you’re on the mend!


Awesome! Thanks for the recommendations! :blush: If he does this, I will make him every flavor under the sun until he finds the perfect one for him! I just want him to get rid of the cigarettes already!!

And thank you, I am so glad to feel like me again!


Sounds good!!

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[quote=“Jenny1978, post:2055, topic:26021”]
I just want him to get rid of the cigarettes already!!
[/quote]I get that. And maybe the tobaccos will work for him. However, many, many people find it difficult to rid the ciggy monkey using tobacco flavors when they first start vaping. Of course that’s not a universal thing - we all know everyone’s different. But if you find he isn’t satisfied with the tobacco vape, perhaps ask him if there are any other types flavors he might be willing to try. Vape some of your favorites around him. And if he asks “what is that you’re vaping” then let him try yours. My moment of zen was a Sugar Bear clone. My bride’s was Apple Dumpling. You just never know what will trigger that positive response. Best of luck!


I am going to def. Make this!! Thanks for sharing!