What're you listening to?

This is a common thread on lots of forums. Share the music you like, new or old, anything goes.

Put a youtube link on a line by itself, and it will display on the forum!

The Clash - Im not down


Wild Child - Crazy Bird


Foo Fighters are always good!

I like Beck!

Opeth - This one reminds me of a theme from a 70’s cop show :smiley: Like Shaft or something!

Just to name a few :smiley:


Lamb of God

Signals (My buddy’s band here in Okinawa)


At this very minute…


Love Opeth!


The new album is quite amazing! They have changed a lot! Oh, and I love Led Zeppelin! :smiley:

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Pink Floyd : The Final Cut ( I personally believe it to be incredibly underrated.)


Funny you say that, I feel the same way… I always claim this album to be their best one. People always tell me how much better The Wall, or Dark Side is, but I just shake my head and wonder if they have ever sat down and really listened to The Final Cut…

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The Final Cut was a magnificent album. You can hear Roger Waters straining in his relationship with the others though.

A sample of today’s listening…Keep coming back to The War on Drugs, a modern Springsteen/ Petty :smile:

I like dance music so here the two am stuck on right now.

awsome jam just like my gambit :smiley:

Currently listening to Blotto… an early 80’s band that just makes me smile when I hear them. Current song " My Baby’s the Star of a Driver’s Ed. Movie"

Relaxing in front of the PC with freshly mixed experiments and my Magma. Listening to a lot of music :smile:

This woman slays me…

Hip Hop is kinda really showing other genres up in early 2015;

as much as you might hate it…it’s incredibly interesting as a musician :smile:

Post up everyone…it’s interesting seeing what everyone is listening to as they are mixing :smile:

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Been a Floyd fan (rabid Floyd fan) for over 40 years. When I heard Fletcher Memorial Home I was hooked. Was this 1984? I think so. GREAT album!

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Love All that Remains but by looking at what you guys listen too, I’m probably the minority!

Also digging this song right now but have always loved Avenged Secenfold!


Felt the same way when I threw Lamb of God up here, lol…

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We gotta stick together bro!

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