What's going on with rdas?

Yep, I have one RTA that’s sometimes used, mainly for SF testing. Otherwise, I just use RTA’s for everything here. Have more RTA’s than juice flavours in my rotations so no problems at all there.


All my Sourcemore orders arrive in the US in about 6 days then they sit in Avenel, NJ for 2 weeks! The USPS blackhole sorting facility.


Shitcago has a black hole also.


If Louis Dejoy gets his way it’s going to be 10x worse. He’s planning on major rollbacks in USPS service to save money. Read the horror story. I heard it on the radio.


yeah, i saw that, SAD. i bet we get $.40 on the dollar in service, and maybe not even that. and that is going to look good for what is coming.

my self, i think a simple solution is to remove 1 delivery day, wed or thurs.
and then get an outside adviser that is PRO in logistics.


Agreed, that should be a glaring priority.

The only thing I didn’t like about that article was the political babble. I get it but I want to hear the facts minus the political opinions.


when reading shit like that, you have to read between the lines = priorities, what is good for “us”, probably isn’t good for “them”. they run the show, and we get screwed.


I’ve decided to never order again usps again if I have the option, really makes me sad as I was boycotting ups, FedEx and DHL too :thinking:

I just had a big order sit lost usps for 10 days in TX, I fill out lost mail form to get a reshipment and the next day it begins to be scanned, I guess should count that as lucky since it was a pile of vape tools and miscellaneous that I really wanted to have