Whats gone wrong?

Made a juice a week ago and Im thoroughly disappointed.
To drip it was ok but leaves a funny aftertaste under the tongue but in a Kanger tank theres hardly any taste at all.
here is my mix

Supposed to be a strawberry cream

Anyone spot a cock up ?

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Depending on the tank, there can be huge drop off in flavor between the two. Sometimes a flavor increase is needed to fill this gap. Also take into consideration if your tank has a new coil or cotton, there may be short break in period for the tank. One of my main issue is with stock coils built with Kanthal. Kanthal is known to mute flavors. You may need to make your tank more parallel to your dripper to avoid this flavor drop. If not increase your flavor percentage.


Thanks for your reply

Do you have any opinion on the ratios i have used?

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7% cream is a lot of cream and will require a long steep. Cut your cream in half and I don’t think that small amount of dragon fruit will not even show up in this mix unless it’s FA or INW…

I second what PV said. He’s a flavor guru! Also, your mix is high VG and supposedly VG is not as good of a flavor carrier as PG. Not sure how accurate that is, but there ya go. I know my Subtank Mini gets muted flavor compared to the Magma and PV 1.5 I have. Just kinda goes with the territory I think.

Thanks again for the replies

So I guess its the cream thats cancelling out the strawberry taste which is there but very slight

I’m pretty sure that may the case. Like I said kanthal in tanks has it limits too.

I have a topic that really hasn’t garnered attention. Kind of surprised by that considering the experience of this forum but I think it might be worth something to you @Middle_Finger_Salute.

If after you make your alterations like @Pro_Vapes has suggested and you’d want to try some of my ideas please feel free to chime in. I too am trying to “bridge the gap” between drippers and tankers.

Here’s the link:

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Ti, TC, Crown or TFV4. less than .10 ohm coil builds. This I guarantee. Deep Water Vaping is damn near equivalent and better than some RDAs. The Goliaths and the Billow V2 is right there too.

I was a hardcore coil builder and would settle for nothing less than top flavor and top vapor. I don’t skip a beat vaping tanks this way. If you don’t go Deep Water I don’t guarantee satisfactory results.

Deep Water may be preferred for you and I but its not for everyone.

You asked how to parallel a tank to a dripper. I don’t see much of a difference. Anything else I see a difference. If you find another way let me know.

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Aye, and herein lies my quest.

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I agree, adding the 2 creams he is more than a 1/3 cream. That’s quite a bit. I generally use creams as a accent. Usually no more than 4%…

For me increasing flavor % helps to a point… but it’s hard to get same impact without deep water vaping. I ran into that with that Peaches and Cream I posted the other day. It was the bomb on the dripper, but it fell short when I put it in a tank. I had to make a tank version with more flavor. It’s still not the same though.

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Oooh it appears we are delving into another field when it comes to coils. Obviously there is a difference but didnt realise it affected flavour that much :scream:

All im used to right now is using Kanger and Atlantis Aspire with atomisers and coiling with 26g on drippers, a Revel and lemo

And what on earth is “deep Water Vaping” ?

Vaping below .10 ohm.

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I am new to DIY, but I am a bit of a hardcore coil builder. I have 2 Kanger Sub-Tank Mini’s running Staggered-Fused Clapton coil builds. I had to modify the area under the screw to fit the wire into the channel. But the flavor and vapor production is freakin insane. I also have a Goliath running dual Fused Clapton builds. I can tell you that getting RDA flavor from a tank is achievable. But not with standard coils.

I can actually sometimes get better flavor out of my tank builds than I can with some of my Clapton RDA builds. Mainly because I tend to challenge myself more on my tanks to fit crazier builds into them. I use my drippers for testing so I usually opt for a quick coil change. Even a simple Clapton coil in a Kanger or Goliath can achieve some very good flavor.

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Unless they’re made of titanium :smiley:

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I have yet to mess with Titanium wire. Mainly because I want to wait and see how many people drop dead from using it. If it’s just a few here and there I may try it lol. I can’t believe people are vaping on Nickel. I am a machinist and machine it every day. I don’t think I could bring myself to heat it up and inhale off of it. Oh crap. My worms just escaped.

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I learned that replacing a flavor from one brand with the same flavor from another will not get you same results. Also that VG/PG ratio can affect flavor too. But, Is that the case when we talk about brands of USP Vg and Pg ?