Whats my Nic Level?

Ok, I am better at mixing now than what I was before I found this site. I was not completely sure of myself with adding the nicotine because I heard it was so dangerous to handle. I found this site and did lots and lots of research and its really not that difficult to figure out. Anyway before I found this site I had already bought a bunch of unflavored e-liquid that was 80/20 with 3 Nic. I am using 30 mil bottles. Here is the part I need help with…I am adding 10% flavoring to it on average. What would my nic level be? I am just wondering I am making other juices that are made right but I am trying to get rid of this pre-made juice and I was just curious at what level I am actually vaping at without doing all the math. Thanks

If you are adding 10% flavor into 3mg base, you’ll come out at 2.7mg.


3mg minus 10%…:slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought but I was like no, there has to be more to it…more complicated than that.