Whats Nicotine Rivers free shipping coupon code?

I saw that one was posted a month or so ago if the package was a pound or more. Please help. Thank you! about to place an order!

I only know of the 10% DIY one…

EDIT: That apparently doesn’t work any longer :slight_smile: See Pro_Vapes post below!

There was talk in the post about the glycubes and people were complaining that prices were way too high for shipping so he said something about free shipping with a code I believe.

You get a option for free shipping at 1 pound or more… no code needed.


Oh! Awesome! Even more simple haha. Thank you @Pro_Vapes and also @daath


Not that I imagine most people will get to this, but I also think the cut off is 22 or 25 pounds. Should be about right for most people. :slight_smile: