What's the best build for griffin 25rta?

I recently got the griffin 25. My first rebuildable atomizer. Loving it. I currently have kantal dual 26ga with 9wraps each. What you recommend for the griffin??

I’m rocking a single coil build using a Vaping Outlaws .3ohm Clapton and I love the flavor and clouds it gives off!

Why would you do single if you could do double? Isn’t double coil better?

My mod wont fire a dual coil build it can only handle down to .3ohm

A fused clapton, i find gives the better flavour in the griffin, but all said an done, the griffin to me is not a great flavour rta.
A fused clapton with, say, 26g x2 core with a 40g wrap 3.0mm ID and about 5-6 wraps will work out around 0.14-0.2 ohm’s. :yum:

I absolutely love the flavor in the Griffin 25mm, not so much in the 22mm original version but the 25mm with top airflow has been amazing for me.

And I agree that fused claptons are the way to go in this for flavor. I usually run dual fused claptons in mine. Right now I’m running dual 26g x 2 / 32g wrap KA1 3mm ID 5.5 wraps at about 0.21 ohms and the flavor is awesome. I’ve also run a lot of 316SS, 28g x2 / 36g wrap 3.5mm ID 6.5 wraps at 0.19 ohms.

I like lots of airflow and have found that if I keep the top airflow open all way and the bottom airflow half open the flavor seems the best to me.

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After getting the original griffin and using that it actually stopped me from buying the 25mm version. I found it muted the flavour, "the original " so no way was i going to buy the 25mm version and with the rdta’s that have came out recently, Boreas , supreme etc I don’t want to go back to it. :yum:

I am with you the 25mm is the bomb
So far my favorite
I have dual coil 26x32 Claptons 3mm Id running .4ohms
Flavor is awesome and access to the coils without emptying the tank is awesome
I am using the 9.99 Apache and the griffin25 all day
Till the kayfun v5 gets here it might knock out the Apache
Never know till you try
Also I bought a griffin 25 clone for 14.95 yesterday
Think we’d from 3fvape and extra glasses replacements

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I’m boring, I use 28awg kanthal in a 3mm split coil with 9 wraps. Works great.

I was using duel claptons in the Griffins but personally didn’t feel like I was getting good ramp up, then again I vape at 22-28 watts, switched up to single strand ss duel coils, and am very happy.

I know this is old, but can you recommend something in the middle of flavor and size to fit chunky aliens in?

I’ve been making lot of 2x28-32 SS lately. Getting good flavor. Ramp up time isn’t too bad. I can get a little bit of resistance in a limited space dual coil. Trying to weed out a few mixes today. Problem is, they all taste good today. Oh well.