Whats the best rum flavoring

Hi guys , I’m looking to make a watermelon based rum punch. But I don’t have a rum yet . So the question is which rum flavor do you guys think is the best for drink flavors

Jamaican Rum by Flavour Art is an excellent rum :smile: Their Brandy is good as well :smile:


Was about to say exactly the same as daath. I just recieved some of that FA Jamaican Rum a week or so ago, mixed it as a single flavor and can tell you it’s spot on.


@Jimk swears by Inawera Rum. Plain rum, not Jamaican rum. Like most all of their flavors, FA’s Jamaican Rum is a darker, spicier kind of ‘real’ rum flavor. TPA Jamaican rum is more of the sweet type you’d put in a fruity mixed drink. I use both for different things.


I second that! :grinning:


OK so inawera and flavor art and TPA . Jojo you refer to a rum used on drink recipes. Yet fa for other purposes. What like rum cake or what?

Yeah, things like desserts or tobaccos or a rum drink that was less of the sweet, umbrella type. A rum and coke I’d probably use FA but for the coconut rum recipe I have I use TPA.