What's the deal with Coconuts?

I can’t seem to get any actual flavor out of either CAP or FA. Do they just need a really long steeping time, or what? In my fruity mixes, I’ve tried both brands starting at about 1%, and tweaking upwards over the course of a week or so until it tastes like a candle. I even mixed up a straight Coconut (FA) with only VG at 2% that so far has been steeping for 4 days, and not even a HINT of coconut flavor. Am I missing something, or should I just try another brand? TIA.

I’ll add that I DO shake the bottles vigorously before adding to m mix.

For CAP as a single flavor you may need to go 5-7%. For FA 4-6%. These are ratios for standalone flavors. As mixers your ratios are closer, but they aren’t strong enough at those ratios standalone.

I had a lot of trouble with coconut myself… and I wonder if my palate just cant taste or tolerate it’s artificial flavor or if it came from all my years of smoking. I love real coconut! I wish you luck!

Be ware of TFA EX I used it in the same amount that I had used the Cap in a recipe, I made 100 ml and had to turn it into a 240 before the coconut calmed down. And besides that the coconut flavor is elusive and more of supporting player than a main flavor. In the four recipes I use it in only one makes the coconut hit hard at first. I think it’s the banana that brings it out but not sure.

My two cents on coconut…

FA Coconut, like most of FA’s flavors, is a very natural, true-to-life kind of flavor. It’s like raw coconut meat or water straight from the shell. I don’t recommend using it by itself for that reason. Cap coconut is 2nd on my list of favorite coconuts. It is more of a sweet, shredded coconut that you’d find in a dessert. As stated, I’d use it at 5-7%. My favorite coconut is by Delosi. It’s juicy, sweet, fresh, and doesn’t taste like sunscreen. Inawera is somewhere between Cap and FA. It’s a little more on the natural side but sweeter than FA. TPA’s coconut is just kind of meh to me, but its been awhile since I tried it so take that FWIW. Real Flavors coconut is very good, especially if you’re looking to go Max VG. It’ll take a little more though…probably 8-10%. Flavorah’s regular coconut is SUPER strong, kinda bitter, and more like FA but their sweet coconut is really good. Liquid Barn’s coconut milk is good and is just like it sounds…kind of a creamy coconut flavor. It tastes a little plasticy/sunscreeny at first so it needs a long steep. FW creamy coconut was too weak in the concentration I tried it (2.5%) to get an accurate feel for what it tasted like. Euro Flavors coconut tastes like sunscreen. A little chemically. Eventually it steeps out, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.

Order of coconuts for my taste: Delosi, Cap, RF, Liquid Barn, Flavorah’s Sweet, Inawera, FA, FW Creamy, Flavorah’s regular, Euro.


I personally like coconut FA when trying to add the flavor to a complex flavor profile but not adding all the sweet and candy.

If I want the sweet and candy cocoanut I add in a bit of Vienna cream FA and marshmallow FA.

Thanks for the responses, so how about steep time? Are you typically able taste the coconut immediately, after a week, 2 weeks? Just trying to get a wag. I also have one that’s got some TPA DX Banana Cream, so maybe that will help bring out the coconut, as GPC2012 mentioned.

I honestly at this point. Because I’m lazy…well…busy with work…I steep everything at 2weeks prior to vaping. My feeling, since I don’t have the time to shake’n’vape, if it’s not good after 2weeks it’s not worth my time.(some alittle longer like heavy custards). I find some recpies at the s’n’v level are great from day one to 5…but for my style lack flavor at two weeks. So I always adjust up for longer steeps…within reason.

One you get mixing you’ll find enough just waiting to vape if you mix on a regular basis.