What's the deal with this new custard cake

It’s not my doing much for me, anyone else feeling that?; anyone have any ideas for me?


Havent messed with it enough to say its bad or good…I dont judge a flavor unt ive been able to put it in new mixes


I love it at 4% in most mixes. To me at 4% Custard cake is a custard (not like their cap custard 1&2) it’s a thick custard with cake texture, almost like yellow cake gives texture. To me it’s only got a bit of vanilla, and does well with Angel cake (wf) or simply cake (Purilum)…if you’re looking for cake. If your looking for custard you could use cream custard or any vanilla custard, premium custard works well with it. I used it with Angel cake, vanilla custard, Creme caramel (vt) and shisha vanilla. If you look up a chiffon cake, that’s what custard cake is kind of like.


Thanks @Lynda_Marie
I appreciate this!


Looks like DIY-Ejuice has stock of the flavours I’ve been trying to order for 2 months now, but I can’t find Custard Premium or Custard Cake… WTF…

I used to talk to Kelly, the owner, a lot years ago… I wonder if I should drop him an email to see if he can reserve some of the stuff I need, because I never have money when he gets stock in…

@ladycrooks Do you know if Amanda works there still?

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Found the Premium, but not the cake…

Also need some Tobaccos

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No idea sorry can’t help you

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