Whats up with Carolina Extracts nic?

Some of the best nicotine on the market but shipping and receiving has some issues . Ive ordered from them like 10 times for the sample bottles through PayPal and each time I never get an order confirmation from them. After about 5 days not hearing from them I messaged them asking them the status of the order and then they send the invoice with the tracking number and on the same date they send the invoice the label to ship is created. It’s as if I have to remind them to ship me my order. I’m starting to wonder if I never contacted them about the order if it would ever even ship. Not too impressed with their operations. I just like to know when to expect my nicotine so I can make arrangements to pick it up from the delivery spot in my house so it’s not sitting out in the sun.


Perhaps they fulfill the larger orders first. If I were just ordering cheap sample bottles I wouldn’t be getting too hung up on fulfilment time personally.


I understand its not like a massive deal or anything. Just a bit frustrating that I have to ask them where my order is to start the shipping process. I order it thinking my package is on the way and 5 days later hasn’t even shipped yet. Only company I know that needs to be asked to ship the goods purchased lol Kinda weird!


Lucky me I guess. I put an order in last Saturday and received it last friday. ( 4 120ml. Sample bottles).
I never get notifications from them, they all come from PayPal along with tracking #.