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What's up with delltrap?


Indeed he does, in the grand total, but time joined vs quantity? :joy:


I’m glad you brought that up @DarthVapor. After I ran the numbers through my LikeBots software, I determined that @delltrapp’s LPD (Likes Per Day) were 34.46. With the advanced LikeBots 2.0 software I was able to achieve 103.19. This clearly shows that the LikeBot 2.0 software is superior…


All hail likebot 2.0, savior of worlds!!!


All my warm fuzzy feelings from those likes just jumped off a tall jungle gym and now their feets hurt :frowning: I thought like meant like!


well “if” you get a like from me you’ll know it was genuine or my finger slipped.
if you didn’t get a like it dosen’t mean I didn’t like it though.


What a disappointment, here i were thinking that someone actually did like what i had to say…

Calling my therapist!!! :happycry: