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What's up with delltrap?


Does this guy Use a bot to give likes or something? I appreciate it but whats the point?


Uhhhh, no, not a bot. Just too much time in my hand, really. I used likes to mark which ones I’ve read.


lol you should enter guiness world records


Well, he has me beat at over 17,000 likes and I’ve been here since inception!?

Must be hard going through 17k likes to find the one post you’re looking for :rofl:


I always kept 1 tab open on elr forum on my computer at work and in my phone. When I got bored and have the time I read whichever came up and liked everything…

It’s my time out, so to speak…


all good man I’m not judging.
you made it here and posted a few minutes after I made the thread for fun.
just seen your likes literally everywhere and it made me wonder


You can put me in the same catagory @warkwarth. I read the forums many times a day, and many times driving (shhhhh), or over cell, and can’t always post/reply. I may be one of the MOST-est like, likers out there. Just means I read your post, and (LOL) most times, liked it, even if I can’t respond.


Yeah I’m a serial liker too …


I like it. It’s like my little surprise for the day when I check my email. :+1:


Wait… So you really didn’t like any of my comments??
Damn. :confused:


You are second on his list of most liked. It must be horrible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Prolly cuz he has to go back and re-read them to make sense of it all!



I, for one, will be glad to have @delltrapp on my side when our whole society is ruled by a social credit score system! :grimacing:

…counting on you, @delltrapp… keep up the good work. :kissing_heart: … XOXO


I like my likers and always pay em back with a like or 2 or 3 from me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m still betting @SessionDrummer has him beat by a landslide though! :rofl: :wink:

D’oh. Too late. I see he already ‘copped to it’. LMFAO


@Sprkslfly wait a minute, is 77,500 good or bad ?


OUTSTANDING @Kinnikinnick !!!


When it came to that, I got you, brah!


Yes sir. :laughing:


LOL, that certainly clears THAT up !!!