Whats up with white fluffy cake what you use it with?

hi i wanna know what you think of wf fluffy white cake and how to use it and what it tastes like?


Ive added cream cheese icing to Nonas white cake with some banana purée from WF it was good man, there’s a lot of fruits u can add like mango or peach or apple…Or just use it in small percentage for a bakery note like u would sugar cookie or yellow cake.Ive also added LB van ice cream or VT van or toffee ice cream.Also used Tfa pistachio which was good too…Idk, I’ve never copied a recipe from anyone ever…i know how to bake which I think helps me with a good idea with what sounds good with what.Shoot id even try a Lil cinnamon bun n caps van whipped cream…why not :+1: don’t be scared of try something that sounds good like pudding,lemon apple coconut a lot would actually work I think


thanks man


Nice, Mike! I love bakery vapes and I like your ideas. Do you have public recipes here? Found them :+1:


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