What's your local vape shop like? :)

Hey, I know most people here buy their stuff online and most people here are hard core DIY’ers who don’t really have the need for local vape shops anymore… but, I’m sure a lot of you still do visit a vape shop every so often.

With all the different laws and different popularity of vaping across the world, I’m really wondering what vaping is like in your country. What do you like in your favorite shop, what is allowed and what not? What are you missing or is there just too much? What makes your favorite vape shop special?

OK, so let me start :slight_smile:
I’ve only been back in Belgium for a couple months, but what I’ve seen so far is that vape shops are generally very “chique” establishments, so much that I almost feel out of place walking in in jeans.
Most of them have 2-3 people in the shop and there’s barely any customers inside, probably due to vaping restrictions in public areas. People often go in, buy their stuff and get out. Lately I have seen some shops that opened a separate area in the shop, advertised as being able to vape in it but I’ve never seen anyone vaping in such area and when I walk in and ask if I can try a juice they always deny the request.

My favorite place is a little video rental business that expanded into vaping products. It has 2 brothers doing the vaping sales and their mother mainly takes care of their video rental stuff.
The cool thing is that they actually know a fair bit about vaping (yes, I’ve been in vape shops where sales people didn’t even know about differences in coils, clapton wire, TC, etc) and that they’re spending ALL the necessary time on their customers to explain what they need to know. The bad thing with that is of course that once you go in, you never know what time you’re getting out of the shop. Since there’s a vaping restriction in public areas, including shops, they do take people out the front door for a vape if the customer wants/needs to try something which can be a little annoying if there’s a line of customers waiting.

They sell everything from small MTL vaping “usb” sticks to quad 18650 regulated mods, the latest and most popular tanks and RBAs and there’s zero restriction on tank size, even though the TPD mentioned something about 2ml. Mech mods are on demand and they only stock VTC6 batteries because “they’re the best” according to them (they do believe they’re rated for and sell them as 30A :flushed:)
There’s a wide range of liquids, both with and without nicotine. However, if you want to buy more than 30ml of liquid, you’re basically forced to buy 0mg liquid and get separated 18mg nicotine boosters. Popular brands like Dinner Lady, Suicide Bunny, 12 Monkeys, Beard, … you name it, it’s there. Obviously there are also a lot of Euro brands there that are probably a little less known in the rest of the world.
I can also find all the necessary equipment for DIY, most popuplar wicking materials, tools, basic wire and pre-made coils, a fairly wide range from flavor suppliers like TPA, CAP, FA and our national brand FlavorMonks. Scales, syringes, pipettes, bottles, (mostly pre-mixed) base liquids, … it’s all there to get started. They carry an awful lot of things in a packed and stacked little shop.

There are quite A LOT of vape shops around here. Anywhere in this tiny country, you’ll find a vape shop within 15-20 minutes of where you are. In my town of a little less than 100,000 people there are 5 vape shops. Also in gas stations and super markets you can buy the more generic e-liquids but very little hardware.

What I’m really missing in our vape shops is a place where people can sit down, learn to build coils with the help of someone else, where people can try different liquids (doesn’t even need to be free, just pay a little fee and for example try 5-10 different juices) or even make their own first juices. There’s very little atmosphere in any vape shop I’ve visited and the “welcome to stay” feeling is completely absent.

Because of our laws and the way that vape shops operate, people have no incentive to hang around in a vape shop, maybe try a few things and be seduced into buying something new. Customers just go in, buy their their thing and get out.
On the other hand, our laws prohibit online sales of nicotine products (that includes e-cigarettes or parts of e-cigarettes but excludes 0mg e-liquids) so vapers have to physically go to vape shops no matter what.

So where about do you live and what’s it like for you?


It’s not much different here in the Netherlands really. I’ve seen a Puff store with a lot of overpriced products and some J Well stores. That’s a French brand. I’ve had a quick look inside, empty and only French brands that I’ve never seen online so no good for me since you can forget spare parts online for a reasonable price :expressionless:


I have two that I frequent. One much more than the other. Neither are anymore “lounges”. Our Federal Deranged Assholes put an end to that. No coil building. No tasting. For me it’s all about the people behind the counter. The one I frequent has a group of young folks that are truly enthusiasts. The product selection is mediocre and very mainstream and they usually are more excited about showing me something they personally got online, lol. We can vape inside and usually one of us has a new mod, tank, or build to pass around. I try to purchase anything that I can use and avoid eating any of their customers to support them and keep them in business. I have brought in numerous “new” vapors as the folks there are really wonderful about matching equipment to peoples habits and really try hard to actually help in adverse to sell. They do have a good amount of traffic so I never over extend my stay. More like a quick visit with old friends while they are at work.

OoPs, edit. This is in the U.S. S.E. Michigan.


I’m in the US, North Carolina to be exact. It seems like the vape shops are thriving here. There are plenty of established shops around Raleigh and always more popping up. It’s actually kind of odd considering this area is known as Tobacco Road.
The shop I go to is small, but has a great selection of mods and atomizers ranging from Egos to Mechs to devices with DNA 250s. A very large and diverse selection of juices. Pretty much anything you need to build with can also be found there.
The guy who runs the shop is one helluva guy, so I stop in from time to time to just bullshit. People come into taste juices and browse but the shop itself isn’t really big enough for a large crowd to just hang out in.


I don’t go to vape shops for anything they’re crooks they over charge for everything I don’t need them
when I first started vaping I didn’t have any wire I wanted to try to do a build for the first time this asshole at this vape shop charged 5 dollars for a piece of kanthal about 12 inches long not knowing any better I paid it, looking back damn I go ripped off


Some of them might be, but there are a couple good ones for sure.
Overcharging… well, isn’t that the same thing with anything in a shop vs online? Convenience and service should not be free.

Actually, I’m subscribed on a couple of mailing lists from local distributors, the people that the local stores buy from and even those prices are most times higher than what I pay in China (even with import duty). I’m actually amazed at the low profit margins they have if they only buy from local distributors and wonder how some of them survive…


In my country there is no vape shop at all :(. I feel very disapointed because of that. More than 52% of the population smokes cigarettes because they are cheap 1.30 euro for pack of 20.


Southern California you can’t drive more then a mile without passing a vape shop. Many are tiny with limited supplies seems like they service the people close enough to walk from home. Others in the city center are massive with tons of juice of every possible brand and a 1/4 mile of hardware.
Closest to me is a midsized shop with a lounge and couches you can hang and vape. Sales on one side and a separate section where you can wind coils and play with various equipment on the other side. New regulations they can’t actually wind and install wire for you any longer but will walk you through it.
Nice bunch of people and very helpful.


What country is that?


@anon28032772 I mirror @Steve-o_54’s comments for the most part ^^^^

In the US, I think it varies wildly. Most of the ones I’ve visited on the East Coast didn’t impress me much. Seemed to be stocking mostly poor mod/combos that they got on sale, with a few high end setups. The juices offered were either overpriced commercial brands, or poorly conceived store brands. Now granted, I haven’t visited a very large sampling but the ones I did, didn’t impress me, EXCEPT for ONE !!!

Vapor Depot in Mt. Holly NJ was by far, hands down, the BEST shop i have ever visited. I remember going in waaaay back when, Steam Crave v1’s were JUST being released, and all 4 of his employees were using them. Broke my daily driver, and stopped in for an emergency fix, spoke to the owner, who proved to be a real stand up guy. They stock mostly mid to high end equipment, and guess what ? They USED, what they stocked. That says something. The store was quite far from home, but I still stop in whenever I get the chance, just to pay back to the owner, who helped me out quite a bit. Great equipment, coils built on site, and outstanding juices.



I live in Illinois USA. I’ve never been in a bricks & mortar vape shop. Then again, I’ve only been vaping for 4.3 years and making my own juice for four… The internet vendors are my vape shop.


The shop in my Town is owned by a Dad and Son combo, the son runs the shop, he is kind of odd, doesn’t communicate well, likes to blow huge clouds and fill the shop…

I stopped going there after 4-5 visits because he was annoying me.


I am my local vape shop closest shop is 200km away so my local vape shop is awesome and the staff (me) are excellent and very helpful and modest :rofl::crazy_face:


If you look into some UK vape shops you sometimes can’t tell how big the store is with all the fog in there. Most of the employees in my local shop are hardcore coil building vape geeks. Unfortunately i rarely buy anything apart from the odd box of coils.
I was there yesterday for the first time in a while to buy a rebuildable tank. Had a look at the liquids but didn’t see anything interesting really apart from a lot of CBD products, from crystal CBD to ready-to-vape liquids. I was really happy to see this taking off here in the UK, apparently without any big regulations pretty much OTC.


CBD seems to be legal in a lot of countries, just like clothing or handbags made from hemp. I’ve tried it and doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on me so I really don’t see the point in regulating it. Just more rules and restrictions for the sake of it? Nah…


Well, CBD comes from the terrible plant that will lead to the end of humanity so i assumed it will be illegal or at least strongly regulated. Try to get mmj or CBD in Germany for example…


Rings of Vapor

We have 2 vape shops in our town. This being one, recently opened went in two times to buy coils. Which they didn’t have, the owner said I’ve got them at my other shop. I’ll bring them in. That’s been 2 months ago, I’ve been in there 3 times to pickup the coils and each time he said I got so busy I didn’t have time to stop by there. Wtf, needless to say unfortunately he won’t be in business much longer, matter of fact I just looked up the link and it says there closed. Really at 6:30 pm on a Saturday night. So I order everything online. It kinda sucks cause I’d like to hang out with folks that I have a common denominator with. What Joker said in one of the Batman movies " What this town needs, is an Enema"


Macedonia do you know where that is ?
I dont see someone to vape on the streets because people hardly know about it. And there are under 300 for sure XD.


That’s the country that Greece is still fighting for the naming rights, right? Haven’t been there but I kinda know where it is.
It’s a shame you guys have no vape shops and that tobacco sticks are so cheap… maybe if there were a couple, people would be more eager to give it a try and quit that nasty habit.


I haven’t walked into a vape shop since our local one closed about five years ago. The town where I work has a couple but I haven’t been in them.
I have been told the one in Clarksville , Tn is a very good one. I have bought juice from them , ordered online.lol They had an amazing cinnamon pecan mix that I loved. They quit making that juice ,one day I was going to reorder a bottle and seen it no longer listed.I emailed and found it had been discontinued . They had 6 or so ,sorry can’t remember , bottles left and I bought them all. Spent six months trying every nut flavor I could find trying to clone but no luck.
I will say one thing they have an amazing collection of house brand e-juice. They are a chain store here is the link.