What's your next purchase?

Have you found some good gear on Fasttech? An original? What do you want for vape mail next? ;D

A second Innokin I-Taste VTR

The most solid, totally dependable pocket friendly mod for anyone performing physical work were tools tend to get nocked around.

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I’m looking hard at the Youde Jakiro. I like the set up. Reduced air chamber, dual or single coil and over dripping protection. Nice price too.

I hadn’t seen that before. It looks nice! I have a Rogue RDA - top airflow, leak proof - great flavor! I really like it! It grows on you! :smiley: I’m really tempted by the Derringer as well, thought I might get a clone…

Yes, the Derringer will probably be my next atty. I need something that’s a good atty in which to taste my mixes. Seems like it will fit the bill at a low cost.

I’d love to get the K.Loud by Boost Vaping Lab…that looks like a nice flavorful vaping atty.

Wow. That looks so different and interesting! A tight draw flavor chasing device!

Yes, it looks like a good one, however, I’m spending all my mad money on flavors right now. Perhaps when the “new” wears off the demand of the KLoud the price will drop???

The SMY 60 watt box mod looks promising. Looks like it will be available in late February.

I just ordered an ipv mini version 2 in black with a white carbon fiber wrap.

Just ordered a Sentinel V3.5 in black to go with my Erlkönigin, next might be a Trident v2 or a Prometheus.

Desperately trying to get an Ubertoot UTA next time they become available but in the mean time I have ordered the parts to make the Orchid Kayfun hybrid

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Looking for some advice if anyone has any, I cannot decide which one to get… I found an old prepaid credit card with 19 bucks on it :smile:

SMPL - https://www.fasttech.com/product/1943604

Sentinel M16 - https://www.fasttech.com/product/1425200

I have a black SMPL v2 - it’s awesome. But you have to make sure your atties are good :wink: If the center pin gets pushed up, and the negative part also starts touching the battery, you have a potential battery vent :open_mouth: It almost happened to me - It happened to @Eternal_SUnshine twice :open_mouth:

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My Goblin and Derringer should arrive soon. Other than that I want a 100+W box and a better genny to replace my Kraken.


I have an LPG which is similar in the fact you have to be careful about the center pin, mine are all pretty good.

Ended up getting the cheaper SMPL. it was only 10 bucks… The only complaint I read was you need to smooth the top of the switch, but that is easy enough.

Daath, you talked me into a Rogue! It should arrive in a couple of days. Seems like a good atty for testing out new mixes.

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It’s a great little device! :smiley:

Got my Rogue in today! Vapes like a dream. I had to chuck a couple of the O rings to make it workable, but otherwise, nice atty. :+1:

Best part of the Rogue, is no more juice dripping out of a hole in the side of the atty. Don’t know why it took so long for a manufacturer to figure that one out!

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