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When I Google Eliquid recipes


Whenever I use to Google Eliquid recipes this site was always number 1 , now ATF and Nic Vape are … Why is this ??? Shouldn’t we be number one ? Educate me please


Probably because they $pay$ for it, just my guess.


Not for me

Your doing it wrong


Yea I just checked mine google shows ELR first on mine too. But on Safari it comes in second, but its still a google search,


@fidalgo_vapes I think @David5362 may be right. I did MORE than a few searches with a wide array of engines…

DogPile was the first one to bomb …


All I know is that I am offered the opportunity to move my web site up in the search results, rather expensively.


It’s crazy what they want!


If people only knew what these "free"search engines cost.


Ty the weird thing is after I posted this and just checked ELR is back on top lol…


Thanks for boosting us back up there @fidalgo_vapes !!!



Thats funny … All part of the master plan hahahah



In order to “boost” it after you do the search, shouldn’t you also <click> the ELR link ?
So the search engines see the site’s popularity ?