When life gives you lemons

I’ve been working on a lemon meringue recipe for a while now.
It all started when I tried Mr meringue by Charlies chalk dust. I tried to clone it and didn’t really come close, I could get a good lemon meringue pie going, but it wasn’t Mr Meringue.
I’m now a lot closer to what it should be, the biscuit crust is spot on, but the lemon…
That’s proving a challenge. I’ve tried; CAP Italian Lemon Sicily, CAP juicy lemon, TPA lemon, Several lemon meringue pies, and I can’t get that lemon curd thing.

The taste, for anyone who’s not tried the original, is a very buttery sweet lemon curd.
I’ve come close using Custard Pi 3.14 by FA and CAP LMP, but the inclusion of any of the other lemons I’ve tried sends it way out. They all impart a lemonade type flavour.

Anyone got any suggestions of a sweeter more artificial lemon?

Edit: Another thing I should mention is that I think Lemon curd is primarily a British thing. I’ve seen Americans call it lemon custard, but I’m not convinced we’re talking about the same thing. It’s the lemon filling in jam (lemon) tarts.

Thanks for any help :blush:


I don’t have suggestions, but I’d love to find a good lemon curd recipe. Real lemon curd flavor like you said, the kind with butter and egg yolk and nice tart lemon. Yum! Hopefully someone has ideas!

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Have you tried MF lemon its exceptional the best lemon start low like .25pct


That’s the one!
The lemon curd recipes I’ve found online are more like lemon custard, and don’t hit the mark.
I assume It’ll take working through every lemon and lemon variation on the market to find the right profile, there’s just so many :sweat_smile:

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I plan on working my way through some different brands over the next few weeks, I’ll add your suggestion to the list :blush:
Am I just being dim, but what’s their full name (MF)?
Thank you for the advice :blush:

I keep meaning to try it. I’ve been putting off ordering more flavors but I’m running out of a few essentials so I think I’ll take the plunge. Do you notice it fading after time, and if so after how long?


Am I just being dim, but what’s their full name (MF)?

Medicine Flower.

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Hey Con, what is the crust concoction you came up with?

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I am so sorry about this. I was skimming through and seriously thought it read, “when wife hands you lemons.” My first thought was give them back to her. Sorry for the interruption.


Sorry for the lack of contact, I’m in the middle of exam season, so there’s not much time for mixing.
After re reading my previous post, I’ve noticed how wrong it was hah.
My best biscuit base to date according to my notes: INW Biscuit 1%, TFA Coconut 2%, CAP sugar cookie 3%. Add a bit of custard and lemon, and it’s banging… just not what I was going for.
It’s still nowhere near the original, but I’ve come to peace with that hah…

It turns out that my bottle of FlavourArts lemon Sicily was either improperly shaken or something somewhere along the line, as it tasted like lemon dish soap.
I just received a new bottle after a friend pointed out that mine wasn’t right, and it’s EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Now I know why my lemon tart clone tastes like shit and everyone else’s is awesome :sweat_smile:
Sorry for the pointless thread, issue solved!


an idea i could give is to add some Citrus Punch (TPA/TFA) it’s very nice and it can round the rest lemons…
Flavorah (FLV) lemonade also tastes good enough…
when using lemons i like adding a touch of strawberry ripe (TFA) and a touch of Sour (TFA) to make more rounded too :slight_smile
hope i helped :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried a similar mix with lime tahiti and several lemons, it reduced the lemons sharpness and added depth.
That’s another issues I’ve been having with lemon flavours, for the most part they taste so thin and basic, a mixture of lemons from different companies solves this to some extent.
For example, FA lemon Sicily, TPA lemon, and CAP juicy lemon, in a 3:2:1 ratio rounds it out really well.
Also, I’ll give the touch of strawberry a go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: