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When to change Mesh Coils


Ive been using nexMesh OFRF with the profile rda, and Ive been having to change the coil like once a week. Is this normal or should it be lasting longer? After about a few days theres a lot of dark burnt areas on the mesh but the cotton isn’t black just the mesh. Do those that use this replace when the coil becomes black, or when cotton is black? thanks



If your using a super sweet juice the sweetners will gunk a mesh…most times with a coil brush you can knock it off…but sweetners will do it to any coil actualy…or some bakeries or dessert flavors…fruits not so much…

Wotofo says u can pulse the coil at low wattage so u can pulse it an then clean off gunk with the brush… so far i have had a mesh coil in for 3 weeks now an has been good but do fruits mostly…but dont pulse at a hi wattage…repeat…DONT…pulse at like 15-20 watts…then clean them… seen on other forums the OFRF mesh has lasted over 3 weeks easy before a cleaning…but what type juice they vape was not said…

but try to clean an see how it works out
good luck…



Thanks for the tips. Ive been doing a lot of bakeries and chocolates I guess thats why they have been burning. What type of brush, and where could I get that? I do have an ultra sonic cleaner would that work? Im glad I can kinda make them reusable.



this is a coil brush…

get from fast tech or maybe amazon…can use as a coil jig also



Element has them for $4.95



nice thanks



your welcome…and thanks TZ



Coil brushes are your friend.
Also when pulsing the mesh seriously don’t go to high / hard. They get hot fast and will break super easy when overheated.



You can also use a rotary copper or steel wire brush for dremels and they average in price from 2-5.00 cheap on ebay… works for me! :slight_smile:



was able to clean the mesh coil really well with the recomended brush and low pulsing. Thanks for that. Looks almost new. How many times can you clean it before replacing ya think?



Id just keep an eye on your resistance and until that changes meaning you popped a wire or your not happy w/ how clean it gets anymore.



I would go by the color or the taste. Mind you im only used to SS, not sure if other material behaves like this.

But if it looks slightly amber or “rusted” i would throw it out. Or if going by taste/flavor, if my juice becomes very muted/watered down and you know its not the juice itself, and you cleaned your mesh/it looks clean but the vape is not satisfying anymore, just replace it.

Or as worm mentioned, if resistance drops by a huge amount, that might indicate it too.



Do you have a link?

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I’ve done the Dremel on low speed. The problem is those tiny wire bristles tend to break off and could easily end up in the atty 's juice well.



yeah no… don’t use the dremel with the brush… just use the brush bit to lightly sweep things away… if your coil is that bad off… toss it… mesh is cheap. Your life isnt.

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There’s still a chance they still shed. I would stay away from those brushes completely.



This is true too… I have done it once or twice… but even with my fancy coils or home wrapped…9/10 I just toss them… nothing like a clean coil and cotton or hemp to break in :wink:

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