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When to use EM?


I just got some EM and not sure when to use it



I like this commentary:



I don’t anymore. Used to a lot when I started. With high VG liquid, the vg is sweet enough on its own so there isn’t a need for it. Plus it muted my mixes. Haven’t tossed it and may try it again but maybe by itself



Same as @R113 Russell, gave it up, mutes your recipes… if you’ve already bought it, keep it veeeery low and check your flavours, if they’ve already got EM inside, it easily adds up and you start asking yourself why it muted…



I never use it, never have in the past either.



Yeah I think flavors like TFA Strawberry & Strawberry Ripe contain EM (?)



I haven’t used it, but I’ve read a lot and soaked in some good ideas about it. So, a grain of salt here considering my lack of experience.

I believe it can be used to tame a stubborn mix if you need to round out the sharp edges of a fruit note. Kind of a “use if needed” post-mixing and testing, if there is still too much treble in the mix.

I’ll be watching this thread hoping someone can add to or correct my understanding! I just started using Acetyl Pyrazine and it’s really neato. Looking to try other additives now, too.



when i first mix, i used a lot of sweetener to emulate the sweetness of commercial juice. Ethyl Maltol was one of them.
I found that it was a good sweetener for a shake and vape recipe, but for ones that needed steeping, it will mute your juice.
I learn to use it in very small amount to cut the sharpness of a certain flavor, but even then, i found that in a long steep time, my juice that contain EM would be muted beyond recognition, just sweet something.
I dont use EM anymore now, but maybe that was just me. If anyone knows how to use it as sweetener / smooth / something else, i would like to know.



Apparently EM is used for mouth feel, density, juiciness as well as sweetening and masking/smoothing edges. It also kills your coils and mutes the juices.

I’ve used it in the beginning due to that description. I didn’t share any of that experience mentioned above, except the muting. It didn’t matter if using 0.04% or 2%.

I’ve found better solutions for the mouth feel, juiciness, density, smoothing out edges, balancing flavors, taking out high notes etc. Without the juice are being easily muted or getting extreme flavor fades within a couple days/weeks. Some flavors do already include EM, adding more isn’t making it any better lol.

I think you’ll have too experience it, and play around to see if/how you like it. But I’d start very low with it and work up.



Yes Strawberries definitely do, just look at TFA’s Data Sheets…:+1:



Rounding out the sharp edges… I think that also be done with Vape Wizard or (TPA) Smooth



I was told to use it along with a sweetener i.e. for 1% sweetener use 0.50% sweetener and 0.50% EM
I have not tried that yet

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AP has got nothing to do with EM quite the contrary really, that’s to add that toasty, nutty touch, regarding Smooth and so forth search for Triacetine… it’s what Smooth MTS or VW are made of… blends and rounds up, if overused it dulls recipes… another one to watch out for… and be careful



Only mentioned AP as a way to relate that I am interested in learning about additives in general. So, I’m watching this thread about EM. Sorry for the confusion.



Don’t worry, not a problem, i studied a bit about additives and will follow and eventually comment this 3d! :+1:

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The thing about sweetener is that once you used pyure, its hard to go back and use any other sweetener. At least for me. And besides, i dont use too much sweetener in my recipes.

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I use 1.5 for my cheesecake to help it out works great with cappella and tfa NY York cheesecake and graham crust both

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