Where am I going wrong here?

God! Idk about this one…guys. I know it could be fucking awesome…but I am also sure I went wrong with the hard crack toffee (VTA) I have a 10ml bottle of this and I want to use it badly, but I also know its a touchy one and need to be used lightly. Here’s the recipie I want to make it’s a toffee cookie, so far its steeped for 21 days and …and I didn’t have a butter toffee until just recently or yes I probably would have used that. Is it the toffee or anything else what did I do wrong? All I can taste is coffee toffee. And it, it just ain’t right…


First thing I’d try is to turn that HCT to .25%. It’s got that retard strength.


Thank you!! I figured that is where I went wrong…shit I put nic in this bottle I made too fucksakes I don’t even known why!! I know better. 15ml too I don’t even want to vape.


You would think by the name, but I only get coffee toffee off this no matter how low I go. I went down to 0.13% or 2 drops in a 30ml and it was still coffee. It isn’t a bad coffee more like these things I don’t know if these are in your neck of the woods.
It helped to make a nice vape similar to them.



Make it 45ml and bring up everything but the HCT and that will make it


Thanks! @Beaufort_Batches I shall do this right now!